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Bounty Homes Development & Real Estate Investment Corp

Bounty Homes Development & Real Estate Investment Corp

Using our KISS program, Building homes for America and sharing the profits with our investors. Easy and safe 12% returns

Salem, Massachusetts, US

equity crowdfunding, short term loan, cash flow, rental income, single family houses, ch, residential homes, secured investment , closed end fund, kiss, 12% annual return

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$11,228,770 of $3,000,000

Bounty Homes Development & Real Estate Investment Corp is raising $3,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $50,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • We pay 12% annually on your 24 month Promissory Note.
  • We are real estate and development experts, #LocationMatters

Elevator Pitch

We buy shovel ready raw land on the North of Boston; a sizzling market. We have perfected the KISS model and build homes. We keep it easy, pay our investors 12% and move to the next deal. #makemoney


Cash Flow Positive


Crossed Million Dollar raise level

May, 2016

Crossed 50% of raise goal. Fund now over $ 1,500,000

June, 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly are you developing real estate?

We are developing and building on the "North Shore" in Massachusetts. The North Shore is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is approximately 10 miles north of Boston.

How is the real estate market on the

The North Shore is and has always been a great market. The Atlantic Ocean front communities such as Marblehead, birthplace of the US Navy, Swampscott, with the oldest working fish house and harbor, Lynn, and Salem. Salem is world famous for the witch trials.

Why do so many families desire the North Shore?

The North Shore is only 10 miles outside of Boston. Train, Subway, Ferry, are all available and the commute via automobile is only a short drive. Add in the Atlantic Ocean and great harbors and parks...its very easy to raise a family there.

Can I invest if I am not a Crowd Fund member?

Absolutely ! Text or call us at 978-594-3259 or email us: