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Green Buildings for ALL

Why We Started This Company

As a young professional seeking a career in the increasingly green-focused building industry, I was unable to find or gain the required experience to qualify for the highly valued LEED Professional Accreditation. There were no entry-level opportunities to contribute on high-profile LEED projects, thus I started out as a potential customer. Realizing this deficiency, and spurred by personal frustration to develop professionally, this need was confirmed by networking with industry peers.

What Sets Us Apart

BOULD is about empowering others to ‘do.’ We’re passionate about breaking down barriers to entry and making green building accessible to ALL. We’re equipping the next generation of building professional with the experiences and tools they need to make positive change in the building industry. We’re focused on mobilizing people to take control of their careers – and live the values that they believe, while also positively impacting their community.

Our Keys To Success


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