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Borne Digital

Borne Digital

We create digital books that can adapt to a child's reading ability and provide automated support

Why We Started This Company

68% of US kids read below grade level by the 4th grade. As a result, teachers assign different books to different kids in the same classroom, based on reading ability. This increases the cost and complexity of teaching while bringing shame on students who read at levels above or below their peers. Our adaptive digital books enable kids of different abilities to read and learn together while each being challenged to their maximum ability.

What Sets Us Apart

We have developed our own, patent pending adaptive reading platform for tablet devices which enables a unique, personalized reading experience as well as adaptive assessment. Watch our video for more information.

Our Keys To Success

We were "Borne" in Harlem, the epicenter of education reform in New York City. We've drawn most of our talent from Columbia University Teachers College. With deep roots in the classroom and academia, we are close to teaching practice and research. We understand and how education is changing and we are building the best reading program for tomorrow's classrooms. We love technology but acknowledge that technology is only an enabler for more personalized experienced with content.

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