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Storytelling Evolved. Create. Share. Print.

San Juan Capistrano, California, US

marketing, books, social media, communication, story maker, printing services, story, photobooks, printing books

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$1,100,000 of $2,500,000

Booxie is raising $2,500,000 with a minimum reservation of $50,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Own a Company revolutionizing social story telling & micropublishing
  • Management has extensive experience & contacts in media communities
  • Enterprise Values for successful apps range from $50-$200 per user

Elevator Pitch

With built-in revenue streams that differentiate it from other social media platforms, Booxie lets users create multi-media stories and cards that can be shared digitally and printed professionally.


16,000 Users
Issued Patents
6 Employees
Cash Flow Negative


Filed Provisional Patent

September, 2016

Soft launch to 200 test users

December, 2016

Completed Round A funding of 1.5 million

December, 2016

Obtained Trademarks, Booxie, Booxie Momento, Tag Line of Storytelling Evolved. Create Share Print.

January, 2017

Official Public Launch

January, 2017

Opened Round B Funding 2,500,000

February, 2017

Began testing/investing in user acquisition programs

March, 2017

Launched Booxie Royalties Program and Booxie Select Partnership

March, 2017

Garnered Best App of 2017 from New Atlas Magazine

April, 2017

Sean Bagshaw, well known photographer joins Select Group and places link on his website that directs his users to Booxie site

May, 2017

Nominated for APPY AWARD as one of two finalists for Best Photography App – along with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

May, 2017

User base grows to 6,000 in 60 days. Average new users per day exceeds 100. Cost per new user averages approximately 6.00

May, 2017

Alvin Ailey, a world renowned major dance organization agrees to join Select Program as a Booxie Strategic Partner.

June, 2017

User Base exceeds 10,000.

June, 2017

User Base exceeds 16,000

August, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Booxie different from other social platforms?

As the social media landscape matures, Booxie is for people who desire more thoughtful communications and deeper connections with their friends and family/community/customers. Booxie provides easy-to-use creative tools that enable the user to tell their complete story, unlike most other social networks with posts that are fleeting and don’t leave much of a lasting impression. Booxie creations can range from fun picture collages to one-of-a-kind cards and invites to personalized photo books – that can not only be shared digitally, but also printed as custom keepsakes or gifts made to last. Booxie offers a similar range of sharing as any other social network; however, each “Booxie” is a distinct, complete, searchable, page-formatted sharable story or message. Importantly, unlike others in the social space, Booxie has revenue generation built right into the app via print sales, enabling a quicker path to profitability.

What are the creative differences between conventional social posts and Booxie’s published creations?

Other social networks have limited options for self-expression. Booxie emphasizes creative expression, making the full range of media tools available to Booxie users: photos, videos, text, drawing, filters, backgrounds, stickers, etc. These easy-to-use, intuitive tools allow for all types of media to be integrated into every page according to each user's creative impulse.

What are the advantages of page-formatted booxies?

Booxie’s social communications are on pages formatted like cards or books, allowing for a unique page-turning experience online, and they can be easily printed. Professionally printed Booxies currently can be delivered anywhere in the US, providing a spontaneous, physical collectible, memory, or communication. Booxie is the only social networking platform that allows the user to create endlessly, share widely, and print easily and affordably all in one place.

How does Booxie’s Royalties Program further differentiate it from other social platforms?

Booxie not only provides users/businesses/brands with a way to connect with their existing customer base or followers via embeddable multimedia content extensions, but our Royalties program also allows them to monetize their content by earning royalty revenue from the sale of printed Booxies. In turn, these users are naturally encouraged to promote sales of their Booxies, helping to expand our user base.

What are the benefits of Booxie’s Select program?

Booxie has launched an invite-only Select program targeting artists and brands with large social audiences (arts organizations, musicians, chefs, authors, comic book illustrators, etc.). The Select program offers participants larger royalty percentages, flexible price points, and special larger-sized printed Booxies. Select program participants have large customer bases and social media followers (hundreds of thousands to the millions). By marketing these exclusive printed Booxies to their audiences, Booxie's user base and print revenue will grow rapidly. No other platform has anything like Booxie's natural rapid user growth and potential profitability built into its business model.

How does Booxie differ from Chatbooks or Google Photo Books?

The limitations of Chatbooks or Google Photo Books when compared to Booxie are significant. For starters, Chatbooks and Google Photos cannot be shared socially. These apps merely publish one picture per page, generally in the order in which they were taken. Booxies are uniquely created by the user from media laid out in the user’s chosen creative arrangement, with many design elements available. Booxies are viewable and sharable online as well as in print. There's really no comparison.

How does Booxie’s printing differ from other publishing services?

Booxie provides a creative environment that encourages more spontaneity, while delivering a fine art quality printed product for less than a store-bought greeting card. Users can capture a weekend getaway, their son’s t-ball game or send a personalized card at the moment the mood strikes them. That combined with our low, impulse purchase pricing encourages them to print more often without the pressure to make each page $50 perfect. Users have the freedom to create, share, and print more affordably than ever. And everyone, including professional artists and brands, will appreciate the superior quality of the images and final product. The unique size and soft cover format of Booxies makes them fun to share or keep in your pocket or purse, instead of sitting on a shelf.

• Can other social and publishing apps copy Booxie?

Any software product can copy any other software product. Tweaks may be necessary to avoid patent infringements, but software is essentially copyable. Booxie's software and printing systems are complex, meaning it would be time-consuming for even a huge company to build a product that competes directly with Booxie. By the time one of the large companies might decide to build a competitive product, Booxie's user base and business traction will be far enough down the road that we believe it will be smarter for these companies to make an effort to purchase Booxie. Our best defense against competition is to move quickly to build its user base and revenue, thus establishing the Booxie brand as the leading social publishing resource.