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Storytelling Evolved. Create. Share. Print.

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Company Overview

Booxie is revolutionizing how stories are told and shared, both online and in print. With endless uses for a wide variety of consumer audiences, Booxie also provides a natural marketing channel for businesses, from small entrepreneurs to large corporate brands, opening up revenue streams that differentiate it from other social networking platforms.

With Booxie, you can finally do something amazing and meaningful with the photos and videos trapped on your devices – from commemorating birthdays, family events and vacations to sharing recipes, artwork and how-to tips. Create fun picture collages, one-of-a-kind cards and invites or personalized photo books and scrapbooks of up to 24 pages by dropping in photos and videos you want to feature, then adding text, drawings, and a wide variety of backgrounds, photo filters and seasonal graphics with our in-app tools to make it all your own. Booxies are page formatted, allowing for a unique page-turning experience online as well as physical printing.

View Our Story in a Booxie: BooxiePromo

See a Booxie created by one of our users: CuteCousinsBooxie


Committed to being the first choice for creative communication, Booxies can be professionally printed as fine art quality 4.25” square cards and booklets, enabling you to gift your creations for less than a store-bought card.

Booxie can also be a resource for chefs, artists, media companies, realtors and more, providing a platform for marketing, communications, promotions and self-publishing.

Order a Printed Booxie: View "Mountain" by Booxie Select partner Sean Bagshaw here: Use the red ORDER button within to have one FREE printed Booxie of award-winning photography sent directly to your door -- just enter the Promo Code CROWDFUNDER at checkout.

Booxies can be shared within the app itself both publicly and privately, as well as to Facebook and Instagram. Each Booxie created has a unique URL that can be shared on any online or social platform, as well as an embed link that can be integrated into the user’s own website.

Revenues and Royalties

Unlike others in the social space, Booxie has revenue generation built right into the platform via print sales, enabling a natural path to profitability. Through the Booxie Royalties Program, artists, professionals or any individual or organization can allow others to print their creations and earn royalties on those sales.

A select subset of brands are invited to participate in the Booxie Select program allowing Booxie to leverage their significant customer bases and social followings for marketing. The Select program offers participants larger royalty percentages, flexible price points, and special larger-sized printed Booxies. Select participants include our soon to be announced partnership with the world-renowned Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, who plan to use Booxie as a fundraising resource, opening the door to other cultural, arts and non-profit relationships.

Booxie was launched to the public in Q1 2017 through the App Store. In March, Booxie was chosen from thousands of entries as one of two finalists for the Appy award in the Photography category - the other finalist, and winner, was Adobe's Lightroom. New Atlas Magazine recently named Booxie as “one of the best new photo and video apps of 2017” and Digital Trends Magazine wrote a syndicated story touting Booxie's Royalties Program “as a new way for photographers to generate income.”

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16,000 Users
Issued Patents
6 Employees
Cash Flow Negative

Pitch Deck


  • Filed Provisional Patent

    September, 2016
  • Soft launch to 200 test users

    December, 2016
  • Completed Round A funding of 1.5 million

    December, 2016
  • Obtained Trademarks, Booxie, Booxie Momento, Tag Line of Storytelling Evolved. Create Share Print.

    January, 2017
  • Official Public Launch

    January, 2017
  • Opened Round B Funding 2,500,000

    February, 2017
  • Began testing/investing in user acquisition programs

    March, 2017
  • Launched Booxie Royalties Program and Booxie Select Partnership

    March, 2017
  • Garnered Best App of 2017 from New Atlas Magazine

    April, 2017
  • Sean Bagshaw, well known photographer joins Select Group and places link on his website that directs his users to Booxie site

    May, 2017
  • Nominated for APPY AWARD as one of two finalists for Best Photography App – along with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

    May, 2017
  • User base grows to 6,000 in 60 days. Average new users per day exceeds 100. Cost per new user averages approximately 6.00

    May, 2017
  • Alvin Ailey, a world renowned major dance organization agrees to join Select Program as a Booxie Strategic Partner.

    June, 2017
  • User Base exceeds 10,000.

    June, 2017
  • User Base exceeds 16,000

    August, 2017


Pam Slay
Pam Slay
Sr. VP, Network PR & Social Content, Hallmark
"I feel privileged to be one of the first TV publicity and social content executives to preview Booxie! It will quickly become one of the most powerful and universal “always on” promotions tools in entertainment. "
Damien Gough
Damien Gough
Owner, Artizen Fine Art Print Studio, Dallas
"I’m proud to be a partner of Booxie. When founder Ray Slay approached me 3 years ago about providing the exclusive print services for a new social platform, I quickly realized the extraordinary business opportunity this will be."
Sean Bagshaw, Outdoor Exposure Photography
Sean Bagshaw, Outdoor Exposure Photography
Award-Winning Photographer; Select Partner
"Booxies can give me more impactful ways of telling visual stories or sharing a vision or body of work than a single digital image can. The quality of the paper, color, and detail is beautiful."
New Atlas Magazine
New Atlas Magazine
April 2017
""...One of the best new iOS and browser apps for video and graphics...""
App Store Review
App Store Review
Posted by britbird
"A hugely fun app that you can personalize to your hearts content with photos, text and videos. I created and printed five or six 25 page mini-albums and sent them as gifts, and I keep an album of my custom dolls tucked into my purse to use as a catalog to show potential customers my work. A great promotional tool for businesses large and small. Fun on a personal level (send a unique story telling album cheaper than a conventional birthday card) or use professionally as a show and tell of your product line. "
App Store Review
App Store Review
Posted by Charlieeeebear31 Feb 2017
"Really good app! I love that you can customize your booxie, and how conveniently small they are! Wonderful gifts for friends and family!"
Customer Survey Response
Customer Survey Response
Posted 5/15/2017
"Besides being very relaxing I now have my pictures all in one place with the added benefit of actually telling the story of my personal memories. I would definitely recommend it, as a matter of fact I have! Just being able to tell your own story with pictures that are personal to you is such a great benefit in and of itself. Also the more you make them the more your creative side comes out!"