The Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Success Guide

The power of equity crowdfunding goes far beyond the investment dollars you’ll receive on Crowdfunder. Raising investment has now been transformed into an opportunity to tell a larger and more powerful story about your company and brand, to build and showcase momentum, and to attract and engage a community to invest in and support your company.

If you make the mistake of approaching your campaign with a ‘transactional mindset’ that equity crowdfunding is just about the money, you’ll miss the opportunity to create something much bigger and better surrounding your company and it’s financing.

They key is to look at Crowdfunder as an integral part of your holistic fundraising Campaign. To help you with this, we’ve created a step by step guide to creating your Campaign and taking advantage of the platform tools we provide, our social network, and our existing base of active investors.

Getting Started

In order to get started, you simply need to sign up now. (We recommend to sign in with LinkedIn to auto import your experience, then also connect Facebook profile as well. This builds your network on Crowdfunder, which will translate to an advantage in your campaign)

Below we’ve outlined the 5 basic components for launching your campaign and taking investment commitments in. You’ll also see an example of a successful equity crowdfunding Campaign and Company Profile by the Bitvore team.

The 5 Campaign Setup & Success Components

1. Company Profile: This is where you tell the story of your Company, and sits at the heart of your campaign

2. Build Your Social Capital: The secret to engaging your immediate network in order to attract an even broader network

3. Deal: The transactional part of your campaign that allows you to take in investment

4. Required Documents: Helping you understand what you need in order to launch your Deal and how to protect your Confidential information

5. Deal Admin: How you track, measure, and respond to investor requests and commitments

Company Profile


Next Step:

Once the required assets have been uploaded your Company Profile, it will automatically become discoverable. Providing additional assets, such as those highlighted in orange, will create a stronger Company Profile and tell your story in a more compelling way. Once your Company Profile is discoverable, the next steps are to setup your Deal and unlock investor access.

Build Your Social Capital

Relationships are at the center of investing. One of the most common reasons investors come in on a deal is because they know or respect other people involved with the company – whether those people are on the team, investors, advisors, or board members. We call the value of the people and relationships surrounding the company “Social Capital.”

Companies who understand the power and importance of Social Capital are the ones most often successful at raising investment and getting funding on our platform. Companies who don’t understand this, and don’t engage and leverage their Social Capital around their Crowdfunder campaign, are less likely to reach their goals.

Your Company Profile on Crowdfunder can quickly help you build and showcase your Social Capital. Follow these 3 steps for best results with your Campaign.

Step 1: Build Company Followers

Build a community of Followers of your Company as soon as your Company Profile is populated and live. As your existing community starts to Follow your company, others on the Crowdfunder network will see this and Follow as well.

When your Deal launches and you have investment related activity, Followers will be notified to participate and help. Following your Company takes just one click of a button on your Company Profile. To build your Followers, simply use Email and Social Media postings to your own network asking them to follow your Company. Make sure you provide them with your Crowdfunder Company Profile link (e.g.[yourcompany] and ask them to Follow you.

Step 2: Engage All Stakeholders

Companies that run successful Campaigns engage all their supporters and stakeholders on Crowdfunder. This is as simple as listing all your stakeholders (existing investors, advisors, board members) on your Company Profile. To do this, simply email your Stakeholders to join your Team on your Company Profile, the more investors see the strength and credibility of your Company and Team.

Step 3: Share Your Deal

Getting your stakeholders to share your Deal using the tools we’ve created for you to drive more engagement and visibility around your Deal has a dramatic impact on the way investors respond. When your stakeholders share your Deal as credible professionals, it can often be more powerful than you as CEO doing it yourself. Our “Share This Deal” tool is located on your Crowdfunder Deal, and enables you and your stakeholders to quickly get the word out about your Deal within your collective networks.



1. Current Commitments

Have you already raised capital for your Deal? Track the progress of your deal with this toolbar. Be sure to actively update this number as you gain momentum and close investors offline.

2. Raise Details

Depending on how you structured your raise, there are different fields informing potential investors about the specifics of your Fundraising Campaign and the terms of your Deal.

3. Share Company Deal

Boost traffic to your Deal by sharing your Fundraising Campaign with your current network of Stakeholders, Investors and Supporters. In turn, having your team members, advisors and investors partake in the co-marketing of your Deal by sharing your Fundraising Campaign with their networks is vital.  The most important aspect to a successful Fundraising Campaign is the ability for the entrepreneur and the company’s stakeholders to engage and activate their networks around their Campaign.

4. Previous Funding

This is a place to show all the capital you have raised for your company in the past. This is a separate entity from the current round of fundraising.

Required Documents


In order to syndicate your Deal to our network of accredited investors and funds, companies raising money are required to provide an executive summary, term sheet and investor deck at a minimum.  It is strongly recommended that you also provide any additional documents or collateral that you feel will help to sell your company and investment to prospective investors (e.g. financials, pro forma, business plan, marketing collateral, etc).

Your Confidential Documents will be hidden behind a private area, and potential investors will be required to request permission to view and download these documents. You as the Admin for the Company can maintain control over the privacy and availability of your Confidential Documents at all times, and will have the tools available to grant investors access to your Confidential Documents on a case by case basis.

Deal Admin


1. Track the Progress of your Deal

  • Total Deal Views: The total amount of Deal views.
  • Unique Deal Views: The total amount of of unique Deal views.
  • Committed: The total amount you have fundraised to date. (Be sure to update this as you close investment offline)
  • Raised: The percentage of your round that is closed.

2. Control Investor Access to your Deal

This is a place to keep track of all the Investors who have expressed interest in your Deal. Track the investors, commitments, accredited status, where they were referred from and the degree of access to your Deal.

3. Select Different Degrees of Access to Investors

Select the degree of access you want to grant investors:

Full Access: Investors can view your Private & Public Documents

Pending: When Investors request access to your Private Documents, you can either grant them Full Access or Reject them.

Rejected: You can decline Investors access to your private documents if they are not aligned with the type of Investor you are looking for.

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As a reminder, in accordance with the SEC’s regulations, please do not include any securities related materials in your Company Profile as it is public and can be seen as General Solicitation.

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