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"OpenTable for health care scheduling" enabled by blockchain and our industry changing interoperability platform.

Company Overview

We believe that the fundamental value unit in healthcare is the exchange between patient and provider. Everything we build further enables the quality of that value unit exchanged during the provider/patient appointment.

Problem: Providers and patients should be able to easily, securely share information and interact with each other, such as sharing patient records between providers or scheduling a referral for a patient in real time. That doesn’t exist today due to a highly fragmented health care software space that has high barriers to entry for inter-operability.

Solution: Blockchain, combined with a new way of doing integration between systems can solve these problems. For Blockchain to work in healthcare, an EMR-agnostic platform connecting provider ecosystems must be established, which no business model has supported creating to date. Appointments are central to value exchange in health care (currency); provider referrals are the primary mechanism (marketplace/exchange). Solving the scheduling problem in health care creates that infrastructure.

Our MVP/pilot had amazing results:

  1. Patient follow-through on appointments moved from 47% to 90%
  2. Average days to see a doctor went from 31 days to 4.
  3. Was all done via our platform, between a provider and their patient, in about 90 seconds.


  1. OpenTable-like platform allowing real-time collaborative scheduling between providers, patients and referral targets.
  2. Interoperability across ambulatory environments leveraging Blockit integration endpoints.
  3. Democratize patient data and create an open platform for innovation using blockchain technology.

Are partnering with the market leaders in the referral management and care coordination space to rapidly roll real-time scheduling out and create the integrated blockchain-based network required to open up provider ecosystems to data democratization and innovation.

Raising seed round to execute on signed partnership with the largest in the space and take to their 75k providers.


3 Employees
200 Users

Pitch Deck


  • Signed distribution partnership with largest referral platform in the industry to API our functionality to their existing customer base.

    December, 2017
  • Completed testing of industry changing integration approach that will allow on-boarding of new providers in 1-2 days vs 3 weeks to 3 months.

    November, 2017
  • Added functionality to handle the wide range of radiology complexity, allowing more robust scheduling.

    October, 2017
  • 3 month metric check beat expectations.

    September, 2017
  • Launched MVP in pilot ecosystem.

    June, 2017
  • Raised angel round to launch MVP.

    February, 2017


Jennifer Soliah
Jennifer Soliah
VP Operations @ VillageMD
"“Between voice mail tag, emails, and busy schedules, the effort to schedule a referral appointment is overwhelming for patients and our patient coordinators,” said Jennifer Soliah, Vice President of Operations for Village. “Although the data is just beginning to come in, we like what we see. So far, referral completion has improved by 90%. With Blockit we are better influencing health outcomes, and we can do it with a few clicks while the patient is standing in front of us.”"
Diego Roldan
Diego Roldan
"“This was a bold initiative because imaging is a complex component of care with more than 2,000 appointment types. So providing visibility to that level of scheduling complexity for your partner was quite a test, for all of us. The Blockit team guided us through that journey and now our patients are reaping the benefits.”"