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De la Web a tu hogar (From the web at your home)

Why We Started This Company

In Mexico te e-commerce is growing in the last years, some companies are coming to our country offering some products like apparel, technology, electronics and more. I think this a great way to market manufactured products in our country. I have some partners that produce furniture, handicrafts, curtains and more home products. I was working in the brand development and the business model canvas for the project, i need financing for the web and the most important professional advice.

What Sets Us Apart

I offer products that other companies do not have, also the service is paramount for us. We want to be fun to buy in Bizmar. Many times the sending of products is a factor that discourages costumers, we need to create a commercial relationship with the companies that provide the service of shipping. Many factors more: Discounts, months payment, new merchandise, and more that other companies understand.

Our Keys To Success

Create a strategy to market that show at costumers, we give them confidence, service, quality products, and the we want the costumer is safe that we stand behind your purchase ever.

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