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A sensor based shooting service to train better and faster

Windham, New Hampshire, US

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The level of instability within the United States and the world is higher now than it has been in the last fifty years. A large part of the instability is the result of terrorism and successful terrorist attacks - both abroad and within the United States. An increased level of protection and training to reduce threats is needed. Increased level of accuracy, realism and efficiency of training is crucial to shorten response times, eliminate threats and decrease responder injury and loss.

During threat incidents tunnel vision sets in with a loss of peripheral vision. Voices and sounds rapidly dissipate because of the loss of hearing. Loss of context with those around raises the danger from additional threats. Every split second of response time is crucial for mission success and survival.

Our BioSension training solution combines proprietary biometric technology, gaming, and augmented reality techniques to train threat responders to increases skills, reduce threats and avoid injury and loss of life. It enables instructors to effectively monitor and improve the marksmanship skills of a single shooter or group of students with skill sets ranging from fundamental marksmanship through the advanced competitive or tactical levels and minimizes the time and expense required to train shooters.

BioSension saves lives


Biometric Sensor Fusion applies advanced sensor monitoring and provides augmented reality to increase the effectiveness of training. Sensor monitoring allows military, law enforcement, private seciurity and civilian trainees to more efficiently train for the sophisticated threats they are faced with today and will be faced with in the future.

BioSension provides high stress environments to teach the student what happens when it all hits the fan. Immediate feedback is provided to enhance the effectiveness of training.

Training System US Patent (United States 13/368,876) will be expanded on in order to provide training in our specially designed augmented realty stand-alone training facility; to provide mobile training facilities and custom training facilities at customer specified locations for multiple customer segments to include military, law enforcement, private security contractors and even hunters and competitive shooters; Sale and support of training functionality to other training facilities; sale and support of training products and Franchising of technology

Additional new products are in consideration for market segments with sports and medical applications.