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BettorUP Sports, INC

BettorUP Sports, INC

Raise the Stakes From the Stands with BettorUP Base Baseball and Football.A patented, real-time, peer-to-peer sports prediction iPhone App.

Company Overview


Bettor:UP Sports makes live sporting events more exciting! We developed the first patented, real-time social sports betting application that allows sports fans to feel the rush of the game by making live sports betting legal and fun. Wager virtual cash against family and friends on what your favorite player will do as they step to the plate or line of scrimmage, Talk trash on sports knowledge, become your own odds maker and dictate the outcome of the game as the live event unfolds.

The idea behind Bettor:UP Sports is that sports are great. Sports have huge audiences and bring people together from various backgrounds. Approximately 114 million watched the Super Bowl. In 2015, the Cricket World Cup semifinal match between India and Pakistan that was watched by nearly a BILLION people. A Billion! That’s a huge audience! While sports are great, watching isn’t always great. If a team is getting blown out, for example, fans lose interest. Slow parts of games such as pitching changes, timeouts, official replays and injuries can also diminish the fun of watching sports. Our goal is to make the little things matter, so that the entire sports experience is fun and engaging. What if mattered if the next batter was a strikeout or a walk? Of if the next drive resulted in your favorite fantasy player scoring a TD? That’s what Bettor:UP does – it provides a way to juice up the excitement on any live sporting event by letting players make predictions and bets on the little things. This real time interaction, in a very real sense, transforms casual fans into their own sports books or odds makers. When was the last time you heard a friend say or you said that... “I bet you Chris Bryant will strike out again” “I bet you Lebron makes his next shot” “I bet you Tom Brady will throw another interception this quarter” The game keeps track of the score and all the wagering action, and at the end players can settle up the stakes they agreed to before the game began. We watch our favorite and most hated teams and players with passion and knowledge willing the outcome of the next play and now we finally have a place to put your virtual money where our mouth is! Bettor:UP Sports is targeting the enormous casual gaming audience and tapping into a huge sports market, setting the stage for developing hardcore players down the road, or being acquired by a legal gambling site. Our lineup for this year includes Baseball, Football, Cricket (Coming Soon) and Soccer (Coming Soon).

Risks and challenges

I developed the iPhone app on Heroku; the world's leading PAAS (Platform-As-A-Service) for scalable, secure and rapid mobile development in the Cloud.. My app has patent protection and trademarks are established for my company name, logo and slogan,"Raise the Stakes From the Stands".

The biggest risk is common for any new product or idea. Will people like it? I need to accumulate customers and subsequently retain them. I have a business plan that allows me to not only monetize the app, but also keep players engaged 12 months out of the year.

I am willing to share my business plan, product strategy and even demo the app with interested investors if a NDA is signed. I can deliver the presentation over the Internet via WebEx or GoTo Meeting.

I am seeking an experienced partner that would like to own a majority of the company. Typical investor profile would be someone that knows the mobile app or software industry and sees the potential in peer-to-peer gambling. I spent three years and greater than six figures developing and testing the software in the field. I am cognizant that creating a brand and executing a marketing campaign is just as important as building a robust product. Your investments will help me achieve my goals and put us in a position to sell the technology to a larger company in the online sports betting industry.

BettorUP Baseball is now available on the App Store:…

BettorUP Football is a few weeks away.


2,500 Users

Pitch Deck


  • The Baseball App became available on Apple's AppStore in the Spring of 2017. User adoption has been slow due to a limitation in marketing.

    August, 2017
  • Provisional patent established on the platform.

    July, 2016