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AxCent Tuning Systems

AxCent Tuning Systems

"Saving the World from Out of Tune Music, One Guitar at a Time"

Fort Collins, Colorado, US

technology, electronics, music, guitar, guitar playing, global, tech startup, exit strategy, industry benchmark, patented, proven track record

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Company Overview

AxCent Tuning Systems was started to design and develop forward thinking accessories for the music industry. Breakthrough technology and innovations have been successfully developed and launched that help musicians, guitarists in particular, spend more time playing their instruments and less time tuning them. While we have spent the better part of 20 years producing our "Performer" Pro self tuning system, we are now looking to make our technology available to the millions of guitar players worldwide that can benefit from our systems. We will be launching our cost effective STI, STII and STIII tuning systems as well as a self correcting tremolo over the next 24 months that we believe will revolutionize the way guitar players everywhere enjoy their instruments.

Whether it is the roughly 6 million guitars built annually or the millions of existing guitars that are candidates for an upgrade to one of our tuning systems, our products offer the highest level of quality from functionality, operational simplicity and feature rich perspectives. No other tuning systems offer the amazing accuracy, speed, and ease of use that AxCent's offer including the ability to hold tunings better than any other system available as well as tune and re-tune while playing. All of our systems are wireless and all 3 of our tuning systems will be app driven and controlled by your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

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Peter Frampton signed five year consulting agreement to promote AxCent Tuning Systems

November, 2016

Customers include Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Pete Townshend (The Who), Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Eddie Van Halen, Ed Roland & Graham Nash

November, 2016

Patented “open loop” technology that allows guitar players to adjust tunings while playing

November, 2016

New systems are app controlled via smart phones, tablets & laptops

November, 2016

AxCent announces successful bench test of new ST1 Self Tuning Bridge. Bluetooth communications and App development on target.

November, 2016


When I read that Jimmy Page was playing a guitar that not only tuned itself but could change to a different tuning immediately, I just had to have one.
Peter Frampton Rock Legend & Advisor to AxCent Tuning
Peter Frampton
Once I saw the thing was real, I could immediately see its possibilities in a multitude of situations. It’s accurate, it’s fast, and it makes people’s eyes pop out.
Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page
It’s a phenomenal thing. Any musicians out there that play in tunings, you have to get this system. It’s unbelievable.
Graham Nash Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Graham Nash
Everybody (in my band) was wanting to play it. This is something that will never go out of style.
Ed Roland Collective Soul
Ed Roland
It's the most revolutionary guitar invention I've ever seen. I was blown away by it.
Tom Keifer Cinderella
Tom Keifer