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Avision Robotics

Avision Robotics

Air Traffic Control and Fleet Management Platform for Drones

Los Angeles, California, US

logistics, autonomy, air traffic control, fleet management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic, drones, uav, uas, aerospace, flight management

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Company Overview


Flight Management System is a SaaS solution for commercial drone operators, startups and enterprise companies. We integrate with government air traffic control systems and offer real-time flight plan deconfliction and compliance with regulations. Our solution provides autonomous flight management functionality allowing companies to integrate drones into their workflows and implement custom use-cases such as on-demand package delivery, emergency transport, and more.


Avision Inc. was founded on the idea of improving life with the help of robotic solutions. Founders have been working together for the past 15 years and developed expertise in air traffic management and simulation software. Our background and past projects include manned air traffic control, command control, and professional military flight simulators - systems certified by ICAO at the highest grade attainable.


12 Employees
10 Issued Patents

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Product Launch - Public Beta

January, 2018

UTM Integration with NASA/FAA

December, 2017

Intel UAV platform compatible

November, 2017

500 Startups Batch 21

August, 2017

Pilot Projects in Logistics

December, 2016

Engineering Startup Competition Winner

April, 2016

NASA UTM - Space Agreement

June, 2015


Avision Robotics provides unmatched capabilities in the space of UAS services. We are happy to partner and enable our expedited package delivery offering
Alex Troyan CEO, Intime Delivery
Alex Troyan


Team Member Name

Dmitriy Yavorskiy

CTO at Avision Robotics

Team Member Name

Alex Mozolyuk

Product Director at Avision Robotics

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the transportation startup industry. Skilled in UX/UI design for web and mobile applications, p... Read More
Team Member Name

Vitaly Baranovsky

Engineering Director at Avision Robotics

Director of Engineering at Avision Robotics. Over 16 years of professional experience. Have a strong background in Modeling & Simulation domains (have comple... Read More