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Legal Social Media For All

The First Legal Social Media Site Dedicated To The Public and Legal Profession


The big scene in the movie “Wall Street” was where Michael Douglas gave a speech wherein he stated Greed was good and explained why.

The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind.”

We believe that we are doing what no one has done before in the area of professional social media. We are building on the past and extending knowledge freely to the future and we will making a lot of money doing so.

Everything we are doing is obvious when seen it just has not been done before and applied in the manner in which we doing it.

There are three major social media sites Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn in which each has carved their own niches in the social media. Facebook’s is family social media, Twitter true social and Linkedin for jobs. Each of these has become multi billion company. Linkedin itself was sold in 2017 to Microsoft for $26.2 billion. Each of these companies control their respective areas of social media and that is as far as the industry extends today. This shows that social media generates billions of dollars of revenue. Our desire is to share in that revenue and to do so offer our services free relying solely on future ad revenue.

What we are doing is actually old. Our business model, in fact, is almost as old as business itself. We have just updated, developed, innovated and created an area of social media not served by anyone and are offering many free services rather than just one so as to control the field.

While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn control social, family and jobs social media no one except us has thought to dedicate a social media to just one profession and to freely offer all of the services that users would want for that profession. Today there are a few small single service social media sites for some professions which consist of bulletin boards or message sites and some even have classified ads. However, no site, except ours, covers all the needs of a specific profession ie the legal profession so that the users ie attorneys will maximize their income and for the public to find them, ask questions and select competent legal help.

It took three years to create the first dedicated legal social media site for both the public and attorneys to use. In essence, we created the first professional social media department store where everything now done piecemeal, if at all, by separate and disparate social media sites and other services not offered by anyone are now free under one roof. In short, our motto is that “We are the Walmart of Social Media.” at least until Walmart ask us to quit for copyright infringement, We deeply respect the Walmart business model and applied it to ours. Unlike all other social media sties which offer only one service for a profession we offer on our site all of the many services the legal profession ie attorneys and public needing to find them need all for free.

Our site is done, completed, functional and up. You can go to our site and use it now. The site is fully functional. If you are an attorney you can use all of the free services now. If you want to find an attorney ask a legal question of an attorney you can do so now for free. You will never be asked to pay for anything. We are seeking through this offering to raise funds for a national advertising campaign to inform attorneys and the public of who we are and what we are doing for free. We have completed the research and development and are now live. Our site is live at and we are being used by the public and the attorneys and plan through this offering a national campaign to reach the 1 million attorneys in the United States and the public in general so as expand and grow.

Everything we offer as discussed in this site is free. Our Table of Comparable Services clearly show just what we offer free and what Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so not. We offer all services for free and will make our revenue from advertising. Just as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are worth billions while offering their single services we offer many more free services dedicated just for those wanting help finding legal services or attorneys and attorneys wishing to get help increasing their income and helping their clients – a win for all.










































Attorney Et Al pioneered distant learning when it virtually created computerized education as we know it now way back in 1996 when it developed the first computer program to verify completion of an online or cdrom cle program. This allowed for the first time completion on an online or cdrom course to be treated the same as a live lecture. Attorney Et Al did not patent its technology but instead gave it free to the world. Now virtually every college and university offers some courses online based on the free technology developed and given to the world. Attorney Et Al followed the principle of Benjamin Franklin who never patented any of his inventions. His life motto was,

Do well by doing Good.”

As a result of Attorney Et Al’s actions, virtually every university, college and educational institution now offers distant learning programs based on the verification of attendance technology pioneered by Attorney Et Al and then given free to the world to promote education worldwide.

Now Attorney Et Al, INC relying on its educational expertise, has created the first complete dedicated legal social media site for both the public and Attorneys. Our site is free in all aspects. Revenue is derived solely on ad revenue which is based on traffic to the site

Traffic is the key to success. That is why Attorney Et Al offers so many free services so as to generate traffic. The general rule of thumb for internet advertising as covered in

and explained more fully in out business plan is

that 100,000 hits per day generates $100,000 gross income at the end of the year for a one static display ad.

There are over 1 million attorneys in the United States. If only 50,000 join Attorney Et Al and view their sites 2 times a day that alone generates 100,000 hits per day. If there are 5 ads viewed on the site that is equal to half a million hits per day. ‘

When Microsoft bought LinkedIn it had at the time over 800 million hits per day. Being a dedicated legal social media site Attorney Et Al would never reach LinkedIn’s numbers but with the public coming to site to ask questions and also find attorneys for their needs a projection of 3 million plus hits per day within in 3 years is not unreasonable as everything on out site is free. That would not be a valid projection if users had to pay to use our sight. This is why out motto is "It is not bad to make a Lot of Money by Freely doing good."

So to maximize view age and traffic to the site, Attorney Et Al has designed the site to be most attractive to attorneys and the public and will continue to improve its site by every means possible. Our goal is to attract virtually every attorney wishing to make his practice more profitable and every person having a legal question to use our free services for their own enlightened self interest.

Risks & Disclosures


These are the principal risks that related to the company and its business: Our intellectual property could be unenforceable or ineffective. One of the Company's most valuable assets is its intellectual property. We have copyright protection on the seventeen legal books and lectures which are offered free to attorneys for our free continuing legal education service on our legal social media site. We also plan to explore opportunities to patent parts of our core technology, but have no patents or applications currently pending or anticipated at this time. In addition, companies, organizations or individuals, including our competitors, may hold or obtain patents, trademarks or other proprietary rights that would prevent, limit or interfere with our ability to make, use, develop, sell or market our platform, which could make it more difficult for us to operate our business. From time to time, we may receive communications from holders of patents or trademarks regarding their proprietary rights.

Companies holding patents or other intellectual property rights may bring suits alleging infringement of such rights or otherwise assert their rights and urge us to take licenses. In addition, if we are determined to have infringed upon a third party's intellectual property rights, we may be required to cease operating our platform, pay substantial damages, seek a license from the holder of the infringed intellectual property right, which license may not be available on reasonable terms or at all, and or establish and maintain alternative branding for our platform. We may also need to file lawsuits to protect our intellectual property rights from infringement from third parties, which lawsuits could be expensive, time consuming and distract management’s attention from our core operations.

There are several potential competitors who are better positioned than we are to take the majority of the market We will compete with larger, established social networks who currently have products on the markets and/or various respective product development programs. They have much better financial means and marketing/sales and human resources than us. They may succeed in developing

and marketing competing equivalent products earlier than us, or superior products than those developed by us. In a rapidly fragmenting social networking ecosystem other social networking start ups could be created and inhibit our ability to grow in the future. There can be no assurance that competitors will not render our technology or products obsolete or that the social network developed by us will be preferred to any existing or newly developed technologies. It should further be assumed that that competition will intensify.

This is a brand-new company. If you are investing in this company, it's because you think Attorney Et Al is a good idea, that we will be able to secure the intellectual property rights to the brand, that we will be able to successfully market and continue to grow our social media offering, and that we can price it right and sell it to enough people so that the company will succeed. Even if we raise the maximum sought in this offering, we may need to raise extensive funds in order to be able to maintain operations. We estimate that we will require at least $1 million to grow our user base and improve our technology to become a sustainable and profitable business. If we are unable to do so we may need to raise money from bank loans, future sales of securities or some combination thereof.

Our financial review includes a going concern note Our ability to continue as a going concern for the next twelve months is dependent upon our ability to generate sufficient cash flows from operations to meet our obligations, and/or to obtain additional capital financing from our investors and/or third parties. No assurance can be given that we will be successful in these efforts. These factors, among others, raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern for a reasonable period of time.

Any valuation at this stage is pure speculation No one is saying the company is worth a specific amount. They can't. It's a question of whether you, the investor, want to pay this price for this security. Don't think you can make that call? Then don't invest.

Our business projections are only estimates There can be no assurance that the company will meet those projections. There can be no assurance that there is sufficient demand for product, people thin k its a better option than the competition and Attorney Et Al has priced the services at a level that allows the company to make a profit and still attract business.

Product Improvements In order to compete, the Company will need to rapidly make updates to our product offerings as the market demands. These product improvements and transitions have no guarantees of success.

Government Regulation, Legislation, and Censorship The Company is subject to local and national laws and regulations. Changes in current or future regulation or legislation could significantly increase the cost of operation, or even preclude it. An increase in government censorship of the internet could have an impact on our business.

Third-Party Providers The Company relies on third-party service providers to operate. We rely on independent hosting platform . Any interruption or downtime in these third-party services could have a negative impact on our ability to deliver the Attorney Et Al service to our users and customers. Unless we become completely independent of third-party services, we remain subject to the risk that third party providers will be unable to meet our needs.

Breaches of Company Systems Any breach of Company systems, databases, or other information may have a significant legal and monetary impact on our business and reputation.

Risks Of Borrowing We may need to seek credit facilities or loans. Typical loan agreements might contain restrictive covenants which may impair our operating flexibility. A default under any loan agreement could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations or financial condition.

App Store Rejections We will develop both a mobile application for both Android app for the Google Play Store and one for Apple for their App Store. If either app is rejected it could have a negative impact on our ability to grow the business and user base.

Limited Transferability And Liquidity

Each Investor agrees that it will acquire our common stock for investment purposes only and not with a view towards distribution. Certain conditions imposed by the Securities Act must be satisfied prior to any sale, transfer, conversion or other disposition of our common stock.

No public market exists for our common stock. If over $150,000 of Class A Common Nonvoting stock is sold in this offering the company may either do a Reg A Offering or go public through a reverse merger and register the company's stock for sale on the OTC xchange

Control By Management The Company’s CEO Michael Lynn Gabriel holds a majority of our outstanding common stock. Investors will not be able to control the management of the Company.

We depend on certain key personnel. Our future success depends on the efforts of key personnel and consultants, especially our founders, Michael Lynn Gabriel and Edgar Roldan

The loss of services of any key personnel may have an adverse effect on us. There can be no assurance that we will be successful in attracting and retaining other personnel we require to successfully grow our business.

Classes of Securities

Class A Common Stock: 25,000,000 authorized 10,000,000 issued

Class B Common Non Voting authorized 5,000,000 none issued

Voting Rights of this Security

This security is Class B Common Non Voting and has no voting rights

Dividend Rights

Subject to any preferences that may be granted to any then outstanding preferred stock, and subject to any restrictions contained in the Wyoming Corporations Law or our Certificate of Incorporation, our Board of Directors may declare and pay dividends upon the shares of its capital stock. Dividends may be paid in cash, in property or in shares of capital stock, subject to the provisions of the Certificate of Incorporation. Before payment of any dividend, there may be set aside out of any funds of the Corporation available for dividends such sum or sums as the Board of Directors from time to time, in their absolute discretion think proper as a reserve or reserves to meet contingencies, or for equalizing dividends, or for repairing or maintaining any property of the Corporation, or for such other purposes as the Board of Directors shall think conducive to the interest of the Corporation, and the Board of Directors may modify or abolish any such reserve in the manner in which it was created.

Liquidation Rights.

In the event of our liquidation, dissolution or winding up, holders of common stock are entitled to share ratably in all of our assets remaining after payment of liabilities and the liquidation preference of any then outstanding preferred stock.

Absence of Other Rights or Assessments.

Holders of common stock have no preferential, preemptive, conversion or exchange rights. There are no redemption or sinking fund provisions applicable to the common stock. When issued in accordance with our certificate of incorporation and the Wyoming Corporations Code, shares of our common stock will be fully paid and not liable to further calls or assessments by us.

What it means to be a Minority Holder

As a minority holder you will have limited ability, if at all, to influence our policies or any other corporate matter, including the election of directors, changes to our company’s governance documents, additional issuances of securities, company repurchases of securities, a sale of the company or of assets of the company or transactions with related parties.


Investors should understand the potential for dilution. Each Investor's stake in the Company, could be diluted due to the Company issuing additional shares. In other words, when the Company issues more shares, the percentage of the Company that you own will decrease, even though the value of the Company may increase. This increases in number of shares outstanding could result from a stock offering (such as an initial public offering, another crowdfunding round, a venture capital round or angel investment), employees exercising stock options, or by conversion of certain instruments (e.g., convertible notes, preferred shares or warrants) into stock.

If we decide to issue more shares, an Investor could experience value dilution, with each share being worth less than before, and control dilution, with the total percentage an investor owns being less than before. There may also be earnings dilution, with a reduction in the amount earned per share. As an early-stage company we are unlikely to have sufficient assets and cash flow to be able to offer dividends for the foreseeable future.

The type of dilution that hurts early-stage investors mostly occurs when the company sells more shares in a "down round," meaning at a lower valuation than in earlier offerings.

If you are making an investment expecting to own a certain percentage of the Company or expecting each share to hold a certain amount of value, it is important to realize how the value of those shares issued upon the conversion of your note can decrease by actions taken by the Company. Dilution can make drastic reductions in the value of each share, ownership percentage, voting control, and earnings per share.

Transferability of securities

For a year, the securities can only be resold:

* In an IPO;

* To the company;

* To an accredited investor; and

* To a member of the family of the purchaser or the equivalent, to a trust

controlled by the purchaser, to a trust created for the benefit of a member of the

family of the purchaser or the equivalent, or in connection with the death or

divorce of the purchaser or other similar circumstance.