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ATLETO is a unique sports platform that connects everyday athletes

Wilmington, Delaware, US

yoga, hiking, surfing, martial arts, sports, boxing, digital media, social media, basketball, volleyball, skiing, skateboarding, soccer, baseball, football, running, swimming, golf, bowling, tennis, triathlon, app, climbing, lacrosse, mountain biking, hockey, life style, kayaking, squash, dancing, workout, stand up paddle, flag football, softball, wellness, mobile health, mhealth, healthcare, data, raquetball, badminton, cykling, dodgeball, handball, ice hockey, kickball, tabletennis, ultimate frisbee, walking, rugby, cricket

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$260,000 of $500,000

ATLETO is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Top 10 finalist at SportsTank 2017
  • Signed first College, Club, and Corporate partner
  • Backed by JAR Capital

Elevator Pitch

ATLETO is a social sports platform that connects everyday athletes, based on sports preference, skill level and location. Host activities for groups or join one of our 42 sports that matches interest.


Top 10 finalist in SportsTank 2017 - "The Most Innovative Sports Companies in the World"

April, 2017

Roger Mason, former NBA Player and Vice President of NBA Player Association, joins our advisory board

May, 2016

Christian Birk, Founder of Endomondo Sports Tracker, that was acquired by Under Armour joined our advisory board

January, 2017

Signed XTERRA Nordic as Club Partner

April, 2017

Signed first corporate client

May, 2017

Reached 30,000 users

May, 2017

USD 450,000 in Seed round

June, 2016

Launched in APP Store

June, 2016

Launched in Google Play

October, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATLETO?

ATLETO is a free social sports platform with one simple purpose: Connecting everyday athletes across all sports. We want to give the best sport experience by creating the best match between likeminded athletes.

How do users get the App on Apple or Android devices?

Iphone users can download the app from App Store. Android users use Google Play.

How easy is it to use?

Very easy, just find an activity and ask to join. Or host your own activity and accept those who wants to join. Filters make it possible to find the right activity among eg. colleagues in your workplace or fellow members in a sports club. Just connect with new and existing friends to build your sports network. To connect with athletes other places than your home area, you can choose to set multiple locations to get active around work or even when you go travel.

What kind of sports can I find?

Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Climbing, Cricket, Cykling, Dancing, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Football, Golf, Handball, Hiking, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Kayaking, Kickball, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Mountain Biking, Raquetball, Rugby, Running, Skateboarding, Skiing, Soccer, Softball, Stand up Paddle, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, Tabletennis, Tennis, Triathlon, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Walking, Workout and Yoga.