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ATLETO is a unique sports platform that connects everyday athletes

Wilmington, Delaware, US

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Company Overview


Finding someone to do sport with can be a challenge. 28% says, that they would do more sport if they had better access to likeminded athletes in their area.


ATLETO is a free social sports app with one simple purpose: Connecting everyday athletes based on sport, location and skill level.

Choose your sports and you’re good to go. Find an activity, ask to join or host your own. Connect with new and existing friends to build your sports network and rate your fellow athletes after each activity.

With ATLETO the future of sports is social.


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Top 10 finalist in SportsTank 2017 - "The Most Innovative Sports Companies in the World"

April, 2017

Roger Mason, former NBA Player and Vice President of NBA Player Association, joins our advisory board

May, 2016

Christian Birk, Founder of Endomondo Sports Tracker, that was acquired by Under Armour joined our advisory board

January, 2017

Signed XTERRA Nordic as Club Partner

April, 2017

Signed first corporate client

May, 2017

Reached 30,000 users

May, 2017

USD 450,000 in Seed round

June, 2016

Launched in APP Store

June, 2016

Launched in Google Play

October, 2017


Atleto is motivational app benefiting my personal health and providing a “no excuse” mentality to working out, because I know that no matter where I am and what time it is, I can always find someone to play my favorite sports with.
Kerry Gladysz Sales Lead - SnapChat
Kerry Gladysz
Atleto to me is all about sport, making sport accessible and social for everyone. At University, Atleto helps me create a social atmosphere for sport, setting up groups with my friends and allowing me to meet new students on campus.
Zack Barrow Student, Bath University, England
Zack Barrow
With ATLETO, you can call 'next' on a game of 3-on-3 basketball before you even get to the court and "I don't have anyone to work out with!" is no longer an excuse!"
Judy Kommer
I think what makes Atleto such a great app is really two things. On a very practical level it enables you to quite easily connect with other people to do sports. On a higher level I believe that Atleto can help address some of the big issues in the modern world. Problems like obesity and loneliness.
Asger Daugbjerg GLOBE Eight Business Consultancy - Singapore
Asger Daugbjerg
Getting a good workout with the right people is always challenging. Atleto makes that process easier and connecting likeminded athletes across the sporting world.
Nick Karwoski
Nick Karwoski
Atleto connects the world of athletes and turns strangers in to partners on and off the field.
Nick Sugzda Digital consultant and sports freak
Nick Sugzda