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Ark Mobile

Ark Mobile

The Social Network for Pets

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Company Overview

arkmobile is the definitive social media community platform and comprehensive information source for pet parents and their families. arkmobile will serve as the primary resource for families with pets to support them throughout the life cycles of their animals. Our app will provide a social network for pets by having the content pet parents seek out and share via electronic and personal platforms like word of mouth (WOM). Ark Mobile will meet the needs of these families and provide a credible source for pet service providers anywhere in the world through our use of geolocation and machine learning to create a curated user experience. This, combined with our extensive community network will provide a complete pet resource app that addresses pet needs from nose to tail.

We identify the services and put the power in the hands of the pet parents to share their experience. arkmobile establishes relationships with the service providers across the country and internationally along with users by building a community and a relationship of trust, and initiating outreach tools to enable and empower the user to share their experience.

arkMobile is:

  • A clearinghouse for pet services
  • A resource to address the pet lifecycle through one platform
  • A place for pet parents to communicate and share information