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Aquavert Inc.

Aquavert Inc.

Rethink Harmful Chemicals

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Company Overview

The Vision

Aquavert, Inc. is in the business of disrupting the chemical industry by utilizing a unique water technology to replace harmful toxins. We change the molecular structure of water to outperform traditional chemicals across many markets and applications. Aquavert is helping the world to "Rethink Harmful Chemicals".

The Problem

Some of the greatest concerns for our health and environment are the chemicals that we use in our daily lives. Whether its cleaning, manufacturing products, treating medical conditions or even searching for clean energy, toxic chemicals are usually involved. In homes and businesses across America people are looking for alternative choices for harmful chemicals due to health and safety reasons. The problem is that most of the alternatives are not effective.

The Solution

Aquavert is disruptive to many traditional chemical industries and markets because the technology used is effective and safe. Previously this technology was only available commercially, but now can be offered to anyone that wants to replace harmful chemicals. This means that traditional chemicals be replaced without sacrificing performance in many consumer applications. Aquavert uses salt, water, and electricity, via electrolysis to produce solutions that outperform traditional chemicals in cleaning, health and wellness, medical and many other applications. Aquavert solutions are safe and effective and backed by the EPA.

The Team

Aquavert, Inc. has assembled some of the greatest talent in the industry and is poised for success. Leading the charge is CEO Pollis Robertson the founder of Aquavert Inc. Robertson has spent the last four years perfecting Aquavert for mass consumer distribution. Under Robertson’s direction Aquavert became only one of two companies in the history of the US to secure EPA approval and certification for a retail version of Hypochlorous Acid, the active ingredient in Aquavert. Doug Kindred heads the technical team and is considered to be among the top 1% of experts in the field of electrolyzed water. Kindred is the former CEO of EAU Technologies and the designer of the world’s very best electrolyzed water generators and holder of several industry patents. While Robertson and Kindred reach new technological heights, the business strategies and financial guidance will come from the likes of Jeffry L. Johnson, Paul Phillips, Hank Brink and Reggie Barnett. This collection of former CEO’s, COO’s and Vice Presidents all hold advanced degrees from great institutions such as Notre Dame, Pen State, DePaul and Auburn Universities.

Proof of Concept

In seven weeks beginning December 1st, 2017, Aquavert generated $73,000 in sales and acquired 5,000 new customers during a special e-commerce campaign designed to prove a niche concept. Not only can we scale this niche, but others like it. Profit margins average 60% and are greater for medical and wellness products. Aquavert was recently featured on the reality show "The Profit", drawn interest from celebrity investors, and has retail distribution with national companies like Kroger's and Albertson's in addition to a strong E-commerce program.

Investors Needed

Aquavert is looking for a few investors that are interested in disruptive biotechnology that is poised to reach virtually an unlimited amount of new consumers. Investors will reap the benefits of healthy returns due to high profit margin potential as well as feel good about investing in a company that is socially aware and responsible.


5,000 Users
$73,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive


  • Opened new ecommerce store and sold $73,000 over 7 1/2 week period.

    December, 2017
  • Expanded EPA Label certifications.

    June, 2017
  • Acquired 5,000 new customers first 7 weeks via e-commerce

    December, 2018
  • Products featured on the show "The Profit".

    January, 2018
  • New bottle designs hit 150 Albertson's stores in Chicago area, Jewel Foods.

    February, 2018