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Easy to use, reliable and affordable online meetings... for your business.

Huntington Beach, California, US

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Easy to use, reliable and affordable online meetings... for your business.
$967,000 of $750K


$967,000 of $750,000
Convertible Note

AnyMeeting is raising $750,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Cloud based SaaS business generating $3M ARR
  • Established team with a track record of success in SaaS companies
  • Over 7,000 paying customers

Elevator Pitch

We build easy-to-use and affordable online meeting and webinar software focused on sales and marketing. With over 7,000 paying customers and $3M in recurring revenue, we're ready to scale up.


900,000 Users
20 Employees
$3,000,000 Sales


AnyMeeting Receives 2016 Real Time Web Solutions Excellence Award

December, 2016

Launched Meeting 4.0 - Brand new meeting platform using bleeding edge WebRTC / HTML5 technology. 720p HD Video + Audio and more.

June, 2016

Launched Talk@ and Meet@ AnyMeeting - A brand new and completely innovative way of starting a conference call - just email us!

April, 2015

Reached $200K MRR

January, 2015

Start using WebRTC technology within our platform -- one of the first conferencing applications to do so

March, 2014

Reached $100K MRR

January, 2014

Launch Upware appstore partnership with Comcast

October, 2013

Being focusing more on SaaS business model by offering premium paid options

June, 2013

Our Freemium product hits 250,000 users

November, 2012

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you guys different than GoToMeeting or WebEx?

Our full featured meeting application provides all the features you need to host an online meeting without any downloads and is completely browser based. We use the latest WebRTC technology to enable HD quality Video and Audio and do it in an extremely simple and easy to use way. Our unit economics also allow us to be considerable cheaper, about half of the price of these larger competitors. For that reason, our customers love us.

What platforms do you support?

We have a web app that supports all modern browsers, as well as mobile apps on iPhone and iPad. Android apps are coming soon.