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Easy to use, reliable and affordable online meetings... for your business.

Huntington Beach, California, US

collaboration, saas, cloud, business to business, recurring revenue, webinar, real-time, conferencing, video conferencing, mrr

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Company Overview

AnyMeeting is a cloud based SaaS company providing online meeting and webinar software with a focus on ease-of-use, reliability and simplicity.

Online meeting tools are becoming key to the modern business, by driving meaningful collaboration and engagement between colleagues, business partners and customers. Webinars allow businesses to easily and affordably increase their reach for marketing, training or corporate communications.

In the last few years, we've built a business that has serviced over 4 million people and almost a billion minutes spent in meetings. After shifting our focus to a recurring revenue business model in 2014, the company has grown to over $3M in recurring revenue sales by focusing primarily on the quality of our product and technology. Our growth has mostly come from non-paid sources, like meeting attendees, word-of-mouth and SEO.

Now we're ready to expand our growth and are raising additional funding to drive two key initiatives: build out our Sales and Marketing organization and further expand and differentiate our product line.

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900,000 Users
20 Employees
$3,000,000 Sales

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AnyMeeting acquires

January, 2017

Launched Webinar 4.0 - a cutting edge WebRTC based webinar platform, focused on driving engagement for marketers and redefining webinars.

January, 2017

AnyMeeting Receives 2016 Real Time Web Solutions Excellence Award

December, 2016

Launched Meeting 4.0 - Brand new meeting platform using bleeding edge WebRTC / HTML5 technology. 720p HD Video + Audio and more.

June, 2016

Launched Talk@ and Meet@ AnyMeeting - A brand new and completely innovative way of starting a conference call - just email us!

April, 2015

Reached $200K MRR

January, 2015

Start using WebRTC technology within our platform -- one of the first conferencing applications to do so

March, 2014

Reached $100K MRR

January, 2014

Launch Upware appstore partnership with Comcast

October, 2013

Being focusing more on SaaS business model by offering premium paid options

June, 2013

Our Freemium product hits 250,000 users

November, 2012


Having worked directly with Costin for the last 5 years, I can say that he’s a very hardworking and dedicated founder willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the company’s success. From thorough quarterly communications to his understanding of the space and vision for the product, Costin has the qualities that I’ve seen in other highly successful startup CEOs. The company has made significant progress in product development and revenue growth and I’m excited about future prospects.
Yuri Pikover Director | Keiretsu Forum / Tech Coast Angels
Yuri Pikover
I’ve had the privilege of attending many board meetings and have witnessed first hand how the AnyMeeting team operates. They are very metrics driven — focusing on meaningful goals and also providing key industry benchmarks for calibration. Since their historical growth has been primarily viral and organic, building out a sales and marketing organization should accelerate growth, with further acceleration from the new marketing product they’ve been developing.
John Harbison Advisor / Investor | Chairman, Tech Coast Ang
John Harbison
AnyMeeting has great traction in the online collaboration and communication space. I have been an investor in the company for approximately five years. I have watched with pride as Costin and his team have built several great products, achieved significant revenues and are well positioned for further growth. Of the nearly two dozen companies in my portfolio of growth equity companies they are one if the not the best example of timely, thorough, and efficient shareholder communications.
Mark Schwartz Angel Investor
Mark Schwartz
Costin is probably one of the most responsive/diligent CEO's in my portfolio and his dedication and vision for the company are phenomenal. Excited for where Anymeeting is headed; poised to disrupt the antiquated web conferencing market.
Buck Jordan Investor | Canyon Creek Capital
Buck Jordan
Having tried both GoToWebinar and, we went with AnyMeeting for our webinars because their platform has the right balance of affordability and webinar functionality. I really like the option to present slides without sharing my full screen.
Sean Ellis CEO, GrowthHackers
Sean Ellis
I couldn't believe how easy it was for us to set up and host a webinar with over a hundred of our franchisees. AnyMeeting allowed us to pull off a very professional webinar, very quickly, easily and affordably. I highly recommend AnyMeeting!
Claire Roberts CEO, Lice Clinics of America
Claire Roberts
AnyMeeting is elegantly designed, intuitive and reliable. It’s great for communicating with both clients and prospects.
Patrick Allen CEO, Groopt
Patrick Allen