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American Realty Housing Group, LLC

American Realty Housing Group, LLC

"Redeveloping The Urban Core of America"

Rancho Palos Verdes, California, US

real estate

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Stephen G. Barr

Stephen G. Barr

Startup Hive, Founder & Executive Director

Author, Editor & Publisher of 35+ syndicated, digital publications utilizing multiple digital distribution channels in conjunction with launching and administrating national advertising campaigns for major Fortune 500 advertisers in partnership with Google, Ning, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, Commission Junction, DoubleClick, LinkShare, Share A Sale, PepperJam and other industry leading third party affiliate networks. Senior product development team member and advisory board member from conception to public Beta launch on over a dozen start ups marketing tangible goods as well as professional services and web/mobile applications. Internationally recognized thought leader and read social media columnist on The Examiner, Associated Content,, Social Media Today and Technorati and company owned affiliate sites covering numerous topical verticals and published and cross syndicated on the full range of current platforms. Moderator of the "Niche Social Network Development" board on and the "Affiliate Marketing" group on the Fast Pitch Network. Published educator on the Mentor Mob network.