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Alpha Dominche

Alpha Dominche

Disrupting the coffee and tea industry...cup by cup

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Company Overview


1. Market Leading Brand in Specialty Coffee and Tea Market (Winner of SCA's best new product award)

As shown in our Testimonials, the Alpha Dominche and STEAMPUNK brands are synonymous in the Specialty Coffee and Tea Market. The STEAMPUNK was the winner of the Specialty Coffee Association's (SCA) best new product award at the world's largest specialty coffee tradeshow.

2. High Growth Prospects (Large Chains, New Markets, New Products and Evolving market)

There are 4 main growth drivers for the business: adoption by larger chains, expansion into new regions, addition of new products and a rapidly expanding coffee/tea market.

Since its inception, Alpha Dominche has been refining the STEAMPUNK and building out an international distribution network. Larger chains such as Starbucks are beginning to adopt the technology, and there are large markets like South Korea that are yet untapped. With new commercial product designs in the pipeline, there are strong growth prospects ahead through existing and new channels.

Additionally, with the release of our new consumer product FLASK, we have a clearly identified product road map for new consumer products (see our Pitch Deck for more details). The Company is poised to grow significantly beyond STEAMPUNK.

The Coffee and Tea Markets are enormous and under significant change with more Venture Capital and Fortune-500 companies coming into the fold. Innovative and distinct companies in our segment are seeing rapid growth potential.

3. Passionate, Experienced and Agile Team (CEO spent 14 years leading BODUM)

We've built a strong and lean team who share a passion for coffee and tea, have extensive experience in specialty coffee, and who are comfortable working in a dynamic environment. In particular, our CEO, Thomas Perez worked as CEO of BODUM for 14 years in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia and has been involved in the coffee and tea industry for over 25 years. He lives and breathes the coffee industry and has a strong knowledge of where the gaps and opportunities are. His strong contacts and knowledge of the consumer space will be a strong contributor to the success of our consumer product line.


Since 2012, Alpha Dominche has created products that offer a one-of-a-kind brewing experience for cafes, restaurants and hotels looking to promote a superior customer interaction and command a premium price point for their coffee and tea program.

Our clients are among the most prominent restaurant and hospitality brands in the world, and our products have become permanent fixtures in their flagship locations.

We are now seeking to launch a consumer product lineup that reflects our vision for the commercial space. We will give consumers access to premium brewing devices for use at home.

Commercial Product | STEAMPUNK |

Our signature commercial machine, the STEAMPUNK, offers an unparalleled brewing experience for customers and baristas alike. The STEAMPUNK brings theater and emotion to the brew process and creates a premium interaction for customers. It offers cafes, restaurants, and hotels a method to differentiate their food and beverage program and demands more premium prices for their bottom line. Baristas are able to control recipe parameters (temperature, volume of water and agitation) through a tablet and brew with precision unmatched by any other machine on the market. The STEAMPUNK is the perfect blend of innovative tech with a memorable customer experience.

Consumer Product | FLASK |

The FLASK Brewer is an elegant and approachable brewer for home users. We launched FLASK on Kickstarter in February 2018 and raised over $200,000 to bring the product into existence. Our motto for FLASK is “French Press Solved” as it innovates and improves upon the familiar French Press design. We have already drawn up an entire family of products built around the FLASK to expand further into the consumer market territory.


The market opportunities are significant. The top 3 beverages in the world by consumption are water, tea and coffee.

Where the market is heading?

The coffee and tea markets are experiencing enormous change and this creates opportunities for innovative businesses.

Specialty coffee is exploding and more established companies are investing capital into the commercial segment. Cafes are stepping up their game by adopting high cup quality standards and focusing on more creative retail experiences for customers.

Tea is gaining a prime time presence in cafes spurred by on by the health conscious consumer and "fresh" concepts popping up worldwide.

Consumers are more interested than ever in home brewing devices.

A surprising new trend in coffee
"Only 9% of U.S. adults were drinking specialty coffee daily in 1999. In 2017, that number hit 41%.....what it means is that more people are drinking coffee that comes at a higher price premium
" - Forbes, Simran Sethi, December 1, 2017

Starbucks Brews a Tech-Infused Future, With Help from Microsoft
"....the willfully theatrical nature of the Reserve concept is only part of Starbuck's vision for its next few years. It's equally serious about using technology to make all 28,000-plus Starbucks stores better at the 100 million customer interactions they host each week." - F@st Company, Harry McCracken, July 5, 2018

2018 Coffee Trends: Where is the Coffee Industry Going Next?

"From soliciting feedback to educating consumers about the story of their coffee – the third wave is about fostering a relationship between the consumer and their cup." - Revel Systems, Caitlan Stanley, January 20, 2018

What's behind the tea movement?
"In addition, demand for convenient tea brewing systems, both for home use and in foodservice, is likely to rise, Tison said. “With water temperatures being key to a good cup of tea, making the preparation easy is imperative,”" - Smart Brief, Torrey Kim, April 24, 2017


Our aim when designing products is to:

  • Solve a New Market need
  • Fix Broken Experiences
  • Drive Deeper Engagement
  • Focus on Improved Enjoyment
  • Break Away from Old Form Factors
  • Create Smart Technology
  • Elevate Fiscal Possibilities
  • Utilize Cloud Based Connectivity, IoT and Telemetry

Problem 1 - Retail Coffee Market is Getting More Competitive

Coffee prices and wages continue to go up and the average price per cup must increase to sustain and grow the business. At the same time, more companies are opening specialty coffee shops, and consumers have more options than ever when choosing their daily dose of caffeine.

Solution - The STEAMPUNK offers an extremely memorable and theatrical brewing experience that immediately elevates the coffee and tea program of its owners. Alongside this, the Steampunk tablet control technology ensures a consistently excellent brew that can be repeated regardless of the staff’s skills and knowledge. All of this contributes to bringing in new business, customer retention and a higher price per cup for cafes, restaurants, and hotels using the equipment.

Problem 2 - Tea is the "Forgotten" Beverage

While many options for commercial coffee brewing equipment are available, teashops lack anything more than a hot water tower for their teapot. There is no consistent and innovative method to manage a tea program in a commercial environment.

Solution - The STEAMPUNK brings endless possibilities to tea shops looking to consolidate their recipe program into a beautiful and consistent delivery method. The STEAMPUNK is one of the few machines that can brew both coffee and tea giving tea shops greater flexibility in their coffee program (or a coffee shop’s tea program).

Problem 3 - The Broken Experience with the French Press

The French Press is the world's most popular home brewing product. Two common complaints about the French Press are that it is difficult to clean and has a tendency to over brew the coffee.

Solution - The FLASK was designed specifically to address these issues with innovate brewing tech that is packaged in an elegant and modern design. See our Indiegogo Campaign for more details


We have developed a strong platform for growth with a focus on both the consumer and commercial markets. No other brand in our industry has been able to bridge this gap, and we offer a unique opportunity to explore a broad range of market segments.

We have already built out our distribution network for Steampunk and now have products located in over 550+ establishments around the world. Alpha Dominche is recognized as an aspirational brand which can be used to leverage into higher volume markets.

This is evidenced by the fact that:

  • We are not just being installed in independent coffee/tea shops and have moved into established and branded business such as Hotels and Coffee / Tea shop chains
  • We have machines going into the Top 3 Starbucks in Asia and even Google and Facebook offices in US, UK and China.

On top of this we've now entered the consumer market with a highly visible and successful Kickstarter for FLASK. We believe that our strong commercial brand awareness will carry over into the consumer market as we continue to add products and become more well known.

We believe that the Company is ready to capitalize on the platform that has been built and has found a formula which will result in strong financial success. We're about to enter an exciting chapter of our story and we are looking for partners that can help us build our company quickly to keep pace with our industry.

Pitch Deck


  • Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaign for our newest consumer product FLASK raises over $250,000 in support from 2,500+ backers

    February, 2018
  • The STEAMPUNK is installed in Starbucks' Shanghai Reserve Roastery (the world's largest and most prominent Starbucks)

    December, 2017
  • SIGHT prototype unveiled at the Specialty Coffee Association of America's annual tradeshow

    April, 2017
  • Extraction Lab cafe and showroom opened to the public in Brooklyn, NY generating enormous publicity for Alpha Dominche and the STEAMPUNK

    February, 2017
  • In 2015 and 2016 Alpha Dominche built the infrastructure which is the basis of future success including team and international distribution

    January, 2016
  • Thomas Perez appointed as CEO

    October, 2014
  • The STEAMPUNK wins best new product at the Specialty Coffee Association of America's annual tradeshow

    April, 2012


Jason Furstenberg
Jason Furstenberg
Owner of Revolution Espressso, Los Angeles
"When I'm in a cafe, it's all about the experience. I'm looking for things I can't create at home. When you walk into a cafe and see a Steampunk on the counter, you know you're about to experience something special and unable to replicate on any other brewing system."
Phil Goodlaxson
Phil Goodlaxson
Founder of CORVUS Coffee Roaster, Denver CO
"I feel the Steampunk finally has allowed us to present our coffees like they should be presented. Visually, the profile in the cup, and with the ability to network recipes the Steampunk brewer has allowed us to get home brewers off the bar and have a true commercial specialty cup of coffee, one cup at a time."
Steve Gianoutsos
Steve Gianoutsos
Founder and Global CEO for MOJO Coffee
"At MOJO we love to push the boundaries of coffee technology and innovation. We also love the heritage, tradition and artisan side of Specialty coffee. Steampunk gives us both. We invest time and resources in delivering the perfect coffee from crop to cup and Steampunk is the final part of the journey."
Jason Wang
Jason Wang
President of Jacaffe, China
"Alpha Domiches is one of Jascaffe's important partners, and in recent years Alpha Domiches plays a very important role in the development of premium coffee or new tea drinks. We believe that Alpha Domiches's Steam Punk patented technology will continue to glow in China in the near future, becoming the star product of Chinese New tea drinks and premium coffee. "
Jason Wang
Jason Wang
President of Jascaffe, China
"Alpha Domiches 是Jascaffe重要伙伴之一, 这几年无论在精品咖啡或是新茶饮的研究发展上Alpha Domiches都扮演着非常重要的角色) (我们认为Alpha Domiches的Steam Punk 专利技术在不久的将来, 将在中国持续的发光发热, 成为中国新茶饮及精品咖啡的明星商品"
Joseph Brodsky
Joseph Brodsky
Founder & CEO of Ninety Plus Coffee
"Alpha Dominche approach their equipment design with a focus on coffee taste technology but with a signature instinct to design machines that are uniquely compelling to the emerging modern coffee bar consumer experience. Their beautiful, process transparent Steampunk machines tap the curiosity of newcomers to this level of coffee, inviting them into the culinary beauty of specialty coffee and tea preparation, bringing more fans of great coffee production to the coffee bar"