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Alpha Funders

Alpha Funders

Stealth Private Equity & Venture Capital Firm

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Company Overview

Alpha Funders is a stealth private equity and venture capital firm primarily focused on providing trusted, independent board advisory, capital planning, valuation, cap table verification, and due diligence services to premier ventures and investors, among a suite of other Portfolio Advisory Services related to starting and scaling businesses, fundraising and online equity crowdfunding.

As part of its Portfolio Advisory Services, Alpha Funders creates and manages independent special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and Series B-stage ventures via a service called SingleCap ( Similar to opening an escrow account to accept investments from VCs and angels, SingleCap enables ventures to open a flexible, independent fund to aggregate and accept smaller ticket investors as a single entity on the venture's cap table.

Additionally, Alpha Funders handles investor accreditation, reporting, K-1s, tax filings, accounting, and regulatory compliance, as well as all operational duties required across the ten-year lifetime administration of its portfolio companies' SPVs as part of its SingleCap service offering.