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Mission to Mars - biotechnology R&D company for producing food, Co2 to pure oxygen & valuable biochemicals for earth & space utilization.

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Company Overview

AlgaStar Inc. is a disruptive platform technology company in the field of algae cultivation primarily engaged in the commercialization, development and production of systems and technologies that can produce algal biomass yield on a commercial scale well in excess of currently available technologies by utilizing sustainable and environmentally friendly systems. Our innovative and proprietary design of the SolarMagnatronTM algae bioreactor enables both natural and artificial sunlight to be combined with electromagnetic field (EMF) energy in a single 4,000-gallon containment vessel, which we project will be capable of producing approximately a quarter to half ton (moist weight) of algae every 24 to 48 hours. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company that is using EMF stimulation as a way to boost algae growth potential which gives us a significant advantage versus the competition.AlgaStar is algae agnostic, therefore our SolarMagnatron™ bioreactor was designed to be as versatile as possible and can be easily adapted to grow various strains of algae in salt, brackish or fresh water, which are all free or available at minimal cost to us and are capable of producing many different types of “green” products. The bioreactor is designed to continuously produce biomass by maximizing the use of natural sunlight during daylight by means of a device made primarily of fiberglass and flat glass reactors (red flat solar panel in the picture above). During the non-daylight hours, special acrylic lenses and glass panels containing high-efficiency lamps produce artificial light at a specific wavelength and power levels that are optimal for inducing algae photosynthesis.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.08.43 PMIn addition, one of the most unique features of our bioreactor system is the introduction of a patent pending electromagnetic field generator, which radiates electromagnetic or microwave energy into the algae culture within the bioreactor. Our R&D showed that electromagnetic radiation provides an increase algal biomass production of at least 300% and higher.


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