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Alafis International Pty Ltd

Alafis International Pty Ltd

Building for Uganda's food future. Investment not charity.

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Company Overview

Alafis International is an Australian registered proprietary company limited by shares (ACN 159 713 890) with a Ugandan sister company Mafepros Limited. Driven by an ambition to become the largest domestic and export meat supplier in East Africa, the company has an agreement to initially acquire Uganda’s most modern abattoir.

The company plans to be the driving force in developing a meat industry with high growth and profitability potential. With the availability of strong management and an extensive knowledge of Uganda and surrounding countries and with carefully planned strategic growth, the company will expand its abattoir facilities following the initial acquisition and then progressively develop a robust supply chain leading to growing domestic and export meat sales. The company is confident that this leadership and the timely expansion of the local cattle industry will result in profitable and international success.

The company is issuing Phase 1 convertible notes to partly fund the purchase payment and provide sufficient initial working capital for early operation of this ready to produce, modern abattoir.

In addition to catering for the growing Uganda domestic middle-class market, the company will further improve this operating facility as well as future acquisitions, to meet Australian beef export standards to fully exploit the huge & growing international export opportunities.


$18,000,000 Sales
217 Employees
Cash Flow Positive

Pitch Deck


  • Uganda investment now approx Aus$2,500,000 in lands, permits, travel, legal & support. Abattoir purchase agreement. Extra finance needed.

    August, 2020


Robert Kateihwaho
Robert Kateihwaho
Economist, Kampala
"I strongly believe that Alafis project can greatly contribute to the development of Uganda's beef industry while providing direct employment and indirect spin-offs from hides and skins. It will also extend and share lessons from this project to set up similar undertakings. It will assist in conducting research in the beef industry for a strong industry future in our country. Alafis International and its Uganda sister company, Mafepros have the ability and desire to succeed. "