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Live life untethered with the world's first smartphone case glucometer!

San Jose, California, US

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$2,813,502 of $750,000
Convertible Note

GluCase is raising $750,000 with a minimum reservation of $15,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Commercialization partnership with OtterBox: #1 smartphone case
  • In negotiations to close first B2B partnerships (est. $10M+ Revenue)

Elevator Pitch

GluCase is the world's first all-in-one smartphone case glucometer, syncable with other data and activity trackers, and offers coaching. By 2020, half of all US adults will be diabetic/prediabetic.


$50,000 Sales
4 Employees


First-run production is expected to ship November 2017

September, 2017

FDA-approved meter and test strips via partnership with AgaMatrix

June, 2017

Negotiating first B2B partnership with insurance plan (estimated $10M+ annual recurring revenue)

June, 2017

$50,000 in pre-order sales in fewer than 30 days

January, 2016

Commercialization partnership with OtterBox: #1 smartphone case in North America

July, 2016

Backed by Techstars, Sprint, Jumpstart Foundry, & Seamless IoT

June, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your revenue model?

A recurring-revenue, monthly subscription for disposable supplies, mobile application, and dashboard.

What is your business strategy?

AkibaH will initially target endocrinology and primary care practices where most newly diagnosed individuals receive their glucose meters and visit every three months to review their blood sugar.

How do you handle the magnitude of different models of cell phones?

We have partnered with OtterBox, the #1 selling case in North America. Our solution functions with their system which takes into account different phone models.

Does your business model necessitate insurance reimbursement?

No, there is significant opportunity with or without reimbursement from big payers. For those that aren't covered, we match their typical out-of-pocket expense.

Shouldn’t you be looking at non-invasive glucose measuring technologies?

Regarding non-invasive technology, not only has it failed to make a viable medical product in the past 30 years, the latest set of companies utilizing this technology is making the weaker, non-clinical claim of being able to track calorie intake.

Do you have to go through the FDA process?

The white-labeled meter that we're integrating into our proprietary case system is already FDA cleared.