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Airdog, Inc

Airdog, Inc

From capturing to editing, drone technology that automates content creation in outdoor sports.

Palo Alto, California, US

hardware, video production, consumer products, hardware + software, artificial intelligence, video editing, drones, sports technology, camera

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Company Overview

AirDog is on a mission to automate the self-shot video creation process in outdoor sports through its drone technology.


AirDog solves the inherent problem of action cameras that are limited to a point of view perspective. Drone technology will be the predominant solution for self-made videos in outdoor sports enabling sports enthusiasts to capture themselves in action effortlessly.

AirDog is an autonomous drone that takes “follow me” drone technology to a new level with sport-specific flight modes that are enhanced with motion prediction technology and are designed to cope with the unique challenges that action sports bring.

Although many individuals may “geek out” at the high-tech nature of drones, or the notion of manually piloting a flying video camera, AirDog’s mission is to offer thrill seekers and adventurers simplicity so they can keep their focus on the action itself.


$1,982,211 Sales
1,900 Users

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$2.5M in revenue ($1,9M Sales + $0,6M Advance Payments from Customers)

January, 2017

Current round led by strategic investor Wistron Corporation (multi-billion dollar ODM which will manufacture AirDog going forward)

July, 2016

Recipient of the Best Drone or Robot award at CES

January, 2015

Successful Kickstarter campaign raised $1.3M

August, 2014


AirDog is the action-sport drone GoPro needs to beat (or buy).
James Trew Deputy Managing Editor at Engadget
James Trew
I am constantly looking to innovate & push progression of self producing. With AirDog I'm ten steps ahead of the next guy.
Aaron Chase Pro MTB Rider and Content Creator
Aaron Chase
Airdog's technology is unique and the value proposition is well differentiated. We are excited to be a partner and help advance the technology even further.
Donald Hwang CTO at Wistron Corporation
Donald Hwang
The drone market is growing quickly but is filled with “me-too” commodity products. Airdog has created a unique solution with a controller and auto-pilot capabilities targeted at filming action sports.
Konstantin Othmer. Investor, Tesla Motors & Android, among other
Konstantin Othmer.

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