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Agriscaping Technologies

Agriscaping Technologies

Elegant, Edible Landscaping

Company Overview

Agriscaping Technologies Presents...



MyAgriscapePro is the next generation of garden-planning software that shows you exactly what to plant, when to plant it, and how to care for it, custom-fit to where YOU grow, all in a fun, easy-to-manage way. So you can have your beautiful yard and eat it too! .




How it Works





Pitch Deck


  • Agriscaping Technologies, LLC officially launches

    August, 2014
  • Successful KICKSTARTER campaign raised $43,705 in pre-launch the MyAgriscapePro App.

    July, 2015
  • Online Certification Training begins with 30 Pros across in 7 States.

    August, 2015
  • Landed Twin-tower, 22 story luxury apartment complex on Tempe Town Lake.

    August, 2015
  • Landed 4-restaurant culinary guarden project at Skysong in Scottsdale.

    September, 2015
  • New exclusive service category "Agriscaping" added to Bidology and outsourced sales team established.

    September, 2015
  • Agriscaping University Platform Launches Online!

    October, 2015
  • Featured on Phoenix 12 News

    October, 2015


Dr. Jennifer Hodbod
Dr. Jennifer Hodbod
ASU Senior Sustainability Fellow
"By considering elements of environmental, economic, and social sustainability (triple bottom-line sustainability), Agriscpaing Technologies is ahead of the curve." "
Jeri Westad
Jeri Westad
Country Director - Medair International
"I’ve really enjoyed the mastery course overall, and replaying some several times! A couple of my favorites include; productive pets and composting and then the sun, soil and sustenance. I love the principles that everything has more than one use - and all things in the home support many structures. These two stood out for me and has made me think how I can introduce some productive pets into my small landscape - which will also help with soil enrichment and more!"
Lenny Setiawati
Lenny Setiawati
"I have learned so much from your video and your class. It was surprising to me by how excited I am to re-do our yard. Our original plan was because we run a small business out of our home, we were going to beautify our yard to make our house more inviting to our customers. But now, I am totally into it for me :)"