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Advanced Bio-Oil Technologies Limited

Advanced Bio-Oil Technologies Limited

We are not just a cannabis company - we are a lot more

We are not just a cannabis company - we are a lot more


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Company Overview

We are not just a cannabis we are a lot more

Main Website:;

Geography of Operation: Canada, USA, Greece, Uzbekistan;

Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Alternative Energy/Bio-Fuels;

Products: Cannabis Growing Medicinal Extract(CBD) & (THC), Health Products, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Electricity, Biomass derived from by-products, masks, face shields and hand sanitizers;

Company Stage: Qualified Regulation A+ (REG A+) Alternative to traditional IPO

In the USA

Acquisition of production licenses and dispensaries;

Concentrate on a medicinal value of Cannabis – hit medical indications;

Set up an FDA laboratory;

In Canada

Ongoing application for cannabis laboratory license with Health Canada (HC);

Ongoing application with Health Canada for a small cannabis production facility;

R&D, GMP transformation & GLP analytical laboratory approved by Health Canada, masks, face shields and hand sanitizers;

In Uzbekistan

Industry: Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Biofuel production and transformation of agricultural products

Main Products: Medicinal CBD/THC, Ethanol, Bio-diesel, pellet fuel, vegetable oil and animal feed

We are a reporting company with the SEC and our regulation A has been qualified.

Pitch Deck


  • ABOT has negotiated a joint venture with Canadian company Zollaris Laboratories Corp for its pharmaceutical medical cannabis platform

    March, 2020
  • ABOT finalizes deal with the Institute of Seed Genetics in Uzbekistan to produce Hemp Oil and cannabis with narcotics licence

    October, 2019
  • ABOT demonstrates crop rotation to produce bio-fuel, animal feed and seeds

    October, 2019
  • ABOT sets ABOT Genetics joint venture with Institute of Seed Genetics in Uzbekistan to produce bio-fuel and animal feed

    April, 2019


Julien Peloquin
Julien Peloquin
President of Lux Biologics Limited
"ABOT is a green company that sees benefits and profits in biomass of all types help people acheive wellness and comfort."