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Adgero S.A.S.

Adgero S.A.S.

Kinetic Energy Recovery for Trucks

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Company Overview

Today, reducing fuel consumption and emissions has become an important issue for both transporters and society as a whole. Fuel costs are a major concern for fleet operators and addition to these costs, legislation is becoming stricter worldwide with regard to atmospheric pollution, a trend that will require fleets to seek viable solutions.

Adgero has developed a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) which allows vehicles to capture energy during braking so that it can be used to help power then next acceleration phase, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

This system can be fitted to virtually any internal combustion engine powered truck. Simulations conducted with Imperial College London showed possible fuel economy gains of 30% in an urban or semi-urban drive cycle. Real-world tests conducted at Bruntingthorpe proving ground confirmed these with fuel economy gains of up to 32% logged by an independent third party.

This technology can be fitted on new trucks and semi-trailers or retrofitted to existing ones by any competent bodybuilder or trailerbuilder. It can be installed on any truck or trailer over 7.5 tonnes, a sector that represents approximately 500,000 new vehicles annually in the US and Europe in addition to hundreds of thousands of compatible existing vehicles that can be retrofitted.


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  • Innovate UK awards grant to Howden's Joinery and Sainsbury's consortium to equip ten semi-trailers and ten rigids with Adgero KERS.

    January, 2017