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A new kind of addiction treatment for the modern generation

Brooklyn, New York, US

social enterprise, Internet (Software & Services)

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This the beginning of my mission, before a team or complete vision, I built an AA meeting finder. With this win, Addicaid was born.

September, 2012

I assembled a temporary team of four, met my co-founder, and made our first iteration of Addicaid and went on to globally demo in SF.

November, 2012

Presenting with 50 companies from around the world at a conference of 5000 attendees, we won the award for the most promising new startup.

March, 2013

Landed in the top 10 for a contest of the best health tech companies in NYC. We will be demoing July 10th for a chance to win $25K - $10K

July, 2013

Presented by Yoxi at SMW NYC 2014, a video of Addicaid's win of the 'Next Big Brand' prize is available here:

April, 2014


Sam Frons

Sam Frons

Founder | CEO

As a staunch supporter of the technological singularity and meliorism, I think the most powerful thing in the world is the desire for improvement. I'm interested in making the world better through information, treating debilitating human conditions starting with addiction, and expanding aesthetics so beauty is more commonplace. I spent most of my life fencing, listening to Tom Waits, writing about feelings, playing ping-pong and putting things together.

Board of Directors / Advisors

Team Member Name

Elena Avramov

KBL Healthcare Ventures, Entrepreneur in Residence

Elena is a business-minded yogi, optimist, and health and wellness junkie. A graduate of the Harvard Business School, Elena focuses her work in the healthcar... Read More
Team Member Name

Marc Frons

The New York Times, Chief Information Officer

Marc is SVP & Chief Information Officer of The New York Times. Read More