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A new kind of addiction treatment for the modern generation

Why We Started This Company

Alcoholism runs in my family and it ran my life (and almost ruined it). I struggled, got better, but no thanks to technology. Admitting you have a problem is hard enough- then faced with the challenge of recovery, it can seem impossible. We know there's a better way to introduce recovery to the tens (maybe hundred) of millions of people in the world who struggle. The current recovery method is much less relevant in our modern world, and we decided to start a company that will change that.

What Sets Us Apart

With our activity-based offline experience, professional healthcare integration, and content generative approach, combined with innovative social functionality, our vision is unprecedented. The user data we will collect is going to shed light on the behaviors of addiction to help insurance and pharmaceutical companies and governments become more effective. We also will make programs for addicts who are in prison and those who are impoverished as a means of improving the overall societal climate.

Our Keys To Success

As technologists and recovering addicts, we know what our audience needs. By providing the most comprehensive, user-friendly mobile and desktop meeting finder, we provide a new, indispensable tool for a targeted audience with a huge need. By matching people by their substance abuse tendencies, age, and interests, we optimize the odds of successful social connections. Our offline experience will validate Addicaid as a new treatment model, just as AA was back in 1937.

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