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A new kind of addiction treatment for the modern generation

Brooklyn, New York, US

social enterprise, Internet (Software & Services)

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This the beginning of my mission, before a team or complete vision, I built an AA meeting finder. With this win, Addicaid was born.

September, 2012

I assembled a temporary team of four, met my co-founder, and made our first iteration of Addicaid and went on to globally demo in SF.

November, 2012

Presenting with 50 companies from around the world at a conference of 5000 attendees, we won the award for the most promising new startup.

March, 2013

Landed in the top 10 for a contest of the best health tech companies in NYC. We will be demoing July 10th for a chance to win $25K - $10K

July, 2013

Presented by Yoxi at SMW NYC 2014, a video of Addicaid's win of the 'Next Big Brand' prize is available here:

April, 2014