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Acre Designs

Acre Designs

Tesla of Homes

Mountain View, California, US

real estate, construction, consumer products, cleantech, energy saving, smart grid, home automation, solar energy, housing, smart home, net zero energy

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Company Overview

Acre creates homes that transform how we build, operate and power our most important possession. Acre homes are built in half the time, produce all their own power, and are designed with a modern UX. Much like Tesla, we disrupt a 100-year old industry by combining beautiful design, unexpected performance and advanced manufacturing.

This is not only a revolution for the homeowner, but meets the coming tidal wave of regulations that force 20% of the housing market to meet zero-energy standards beginning in 2020.

Most builders in the U.S. are not capable of responding to this change. Our system is a scalable solution that benefits builders, consumers and the environment.


$6,500,000 Sales
16 Users
8 Employees

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Pre-Sold 25 Homes- $6.5MM Revenue

June, 2017

Completed Design and Engineering on 2 home models with 3 sizes each.

October, 2016

3 Key build partners in Bay Area, Austin, and Portland.

September, 2016


“We feel that a dream home is one that allows you to live your dreams. Everything Acre does tied together with what we’ve been wanting.”
Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin
“[Acre] takes the best of commercial construction and applies it to residential.” JP [Acre build partner]
Jean Pierre Veillet CEO
Jean Pierre Veillet
“This is the future of building.”
Tyler Harrison Partner
Tyler Harrison


Team Member Name

Gareth Rose

Lead Product Engineer

Mechanical Engineer | focus on energy & sustainable design | Lead Product Engineer for Acre Designs | Project Manager and Engineer for 'Techstyle Haus': Brow... Read More