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American Containerized Energy Solutions

American Containerized Energy Solutions

Clean Energy Solutions

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Company Overview

American Containerized Energy Solutions (“ACES”) is embarking on game changing strategy that is expected to shift the paradigm in the manner in which a commodity product such as diesel fuel is enhanced to exhibit superior physical and performance qualities, yet remain priced equivalent to the prevailing market price of Diesel No.2. Furthermore, the refining process used to achieve the superior characteristics is not only protected by a patented technology, but the processing plants which employ this proprietary process are low cost, low profile, highly automated, emit zero emissions and can be constructed and phased into operation in less than six months.

This revolutionary turnkey approach to producing a clean, alternative fuel combined with the company’s unique marketing strategy of offering a premium product at a commodity price provides it with the ability to rapidly gain market share and quickly grow its revenues and profitability. ACES is dedicated to maintaining high quality standards in environmental stewardship while producing some of the most innovative, environmentally-friendly fuels to come along in over a century.


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