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Company Overview

What is ablio?

ablio is a global marketplace platform that provides live-interpreting services anywhere in the world at anytime.

Targeting a fast-growing and multibillion-dollar addressable market, ablio connects customers with a global community of live interpreters, providing on-demand, 24/7, multilingual services.

Market Opportunity

The languages services market is estimated at USD$35 billion per annum with a growth rate far above average: within the next two years it is expected to exceed over USD$40 billion. Live interpreting services represent between 6% to 18% of this market, for a total addressable market of between USD$2.4 billion to USD $7.2 billion.

Solving the problem

For Customers

  • On-demand live interpreting services via phone, computer, or mobile devices
  • Frictionless process
  • Pay-per-minute
  • Multiple language pairs
  • Basic and premium service levels

For Interpreters

  • Join a community of interpreters
  • Showcase profile, accomplishments and qualifications
  • Get direct feedback from customers
  • Higher fees, potential for additional income
  • Work from home during downtime from other language work

ablio is a two-sided network. Our service offers an attractive place for interpreters to join, with ample flexibility to work from home at a schedule they can commit to, and be compensated with above-average fees. Our vision is to build ablio as a community environment, free from price competition and conducive to continuous learning and improvement.

Tapping well known networks, ablio has rapidly built a strong community of interpreters, within a lean structure and with the flexibility to adapt and sustain the growing demand of services, and with costs that are directly related to revenue levels and with no scaling overhead.

Revenue come from customers purchasing ablio's live interpreting services performed by professional interpreters in our community, via phone over dedicated VOIP lines, the Internet via ablio's website, third-party teleconferencing applications, or via ablio's mobile apps.

Customers are charged on a per-minute based, with fixed rates for specific service levels, as well as premium rates for specialized services.


  • Launched Interpreter Community

    March, 2015
  • More than 500 interpreters applied, with more than 150 interpreters assessed and accredited in the platform.

    May, 2015
  • Launched web app for on-demand and booked interpreting service

    June, 2015