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What Do We Do? We Save Lives.

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Company Overview

Our vision is to be the final barrier against harmful water or air contaminants helping our global population live full and rich lives.

Our mission for About Better Life Experiences LLC (d/b/a ABLELIFE®) is to develop and market safe superior products for the eradication of pathogens and contaminants threatening our health, while enabling strong returns for investors.

ABLELIFE® is a Biochemical Technology Research and Development company with 10 years of development and lab work.In 2015, we obtained a patent for our innovative chemical formulations, known as the world’s most powerful disinfectant, trade name MAJEC™.

With MAJEC as a base, we can add other non-propriety, insoluble, chemical powder elements as needed. This allows us to modify formulations to match the market needs.

We save lives but need your help.

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