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The XO Company

The XO Company

XO enables companies of any size to digitally transform their business without implementing dozens of SaaS systems and problematic API’s

Company Overview

We have spent 3 years developing a serverless Digital Business Transformation Platform. One that digitizes the Structure, and Functions of any size company or industry, for both the Internal Value-Chain, and the External Value-Chain. We are launching this in 2020.


  • Zero-Code design - anyone can use it
  • 550TPS is current testing limit
  • 5-50MSEC response time
  • Hyper Consolidation - Removes Death by SaaS and API Purgatories
  • Hierarchical Multi-Tenancy combines Internal and External Tenancy

The Problem we solve

Amazon Web Services launched 1,430 new features and services in 2017, 1,017 in 2016, and 722 in 2015. One of the key benefits of adopting a cloud platform like AWS is its ability to help businesses keep up with the increasing pace of innovation. But, while the launch of new features and services is cause for customer celebration, sometimes it is met with exasperation or concern: concern around whether the 120+ services in addition to the on-going pace of innovation creates too much complexity and choice overload.

For the layperson, or even the knowledgeable IT department, this is highly complex with millions of combinations needed to be sorted to build a solution.

We did not build this to optimize Coders, or Code development or deployment, there are hundreds of tools for that.We built this for Digital Business Transformations, by business people, for business.

Our Solution is Cloud Simplicity

We make the AWS Cloud simple to use, by orchestrating all of the complexity, with best practices, in a seamless manner, with a decent user-friendly front end, that allows you to utilize the amazing infrastructure with Zero-Code and Zero frustration.We make the design, deployment happen in seconds, and we offer the best enterprise class combination of AWS services to all clients.

XO was established to execute the strategy of building a proprietary Zero-Code Application Development Platform (Z-CAD Platform) utilizing a SaaS usage-based business model like Amazon’s AWS services.Our core principles are centered around transparency, honesty, social responsibility and sustainable business practice.

XO believes that this rapidly growing market sector will continue to present numerous attractive opportunities for the Company’s platform.

Market Start – transparent democratic pricing model

The Company will primarily focus on the user rich Content Management (CMS) market and with our unique design approach the Application development marketplace. Since this is a Zero-Code Design/Development system general business people, owners, sole-proprietors, can quickly build combined web sites and applications rapidly, and with no upfront costs, or technical developers/coders required.

XO focuses on simple pricing model based on items that are used by each client.Each item is simply priced at 1 cent. There is a free tier, that allows anyone to build a simple website or application. Once the item count is over the free threshold each item is billed per penny, per event or per monthly stored item.


10 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • Scalability discovery, we can scale bigger than we can test, reached out to Google and Microsoft for scale testing, 550k TPS goal.

    June, 2019
  • Zero Code Editor working, with Studio style, and Waterfall style design methodologies in vertical and horizontal sandboxes

    April, 2019
  • Hierarchical Multi-Tenancy an industry first that allows digitizing of existing business structures and functions.

    February, 2019
  • Kicked off development and architecture team on 100% serverless design for platform.

    July, 2018
  • Identified 85% of the most used business patterns by large and small enterprises.

    March, 2018
  • Started Digital Business Transformation Platform Architecture Design

    July, 2017