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Udoc Inc.

Udoc Inc.

Udoc is an online doctor-on-demand service connecting patients and doctors around the world.

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Company Overview

Udoc is an online doctor-on-demand service connecting patients and doctors around the world.

Our mission is to bring medical services to a new level and make patients’ life simpler.

It might feel a bit silly to go to an emergency room every time you feel under the weather... But how to calm the anxiety even if you know you’re overreacting? Besides, sometimes it can be dangerous to go to the hospital, especially now — during the pandemic.

Telemedicine is an obvious answer. Why follow the trend? Well, first of all, it speeds up medical service delivery and just makes things more productive. Patients don’t waste their time on making an appointment, waiting in a hospital queue — not to mention hours spent commuting. And teledoctors get more experience and practice — since they can treat more patients.

For patients, we offer flexible consultation options. You can choose either a one-time consultation with a fixed price, or select a subscription for a certain period.

For doctors, we provide an absolutely flexible schedule and a decent payment for consultations.

Udoc’s main feature is providing online medical consultations, but currently, we work on several new directions:

1) Online Prescription

Patients can get their medical prescriptions via the app, and this prescription will be accepted at the patient’s local pharmacy.

2) Urgent House Call

Within 20 minutes, the nearest doctor arrives at the destination. Emergency calls can also be made using voice commands. In that case, the user's location and medical history will be automatically forwarded to emergency medical services.

3) Udoc for Travelers

Travelers will be able to call a doctor wherever they are, regardless of whether they have travel insurance or not. It will also be possible to issue insurance via the Udoc app at an affordable price. Besides, as part of the Udoc for Travellers program, an automatic voice & text translator will be added to the app’s features.

4) Smart Assistant

Udoc is developing a voice assistant capable of determining the most likely patient diagnosis by the indicated symptoms and referring them to the most relevant doctor for a consultation. This assistant is now undergoing machine learning based on the medical histories of thousands of users and will ultimately be a simple form of artificial intelligence.

5) Udoc Community

Patients with a difficult diagnosis (such as rare allergic reactions) can communicate with each other and get a bit of additional advice. Doctors can negotiate and manage difficult cases and share their experiences. Patients with rare diseases can find additional help from the doctors’ community.

At the moment, we provide users with high-quality consultations and offer an enormous amount of work for doctors. We do our best to maximize our ability to provide quality services and bring medical advice to a whole new level.


800 Users
$7 Sales


  • Web-site + concept. A-B testing of concept, white list gets 700. Subscribers ready to use Udoc.

    April, 2020
  • Launch of Beta-App.

    May, 2020
  • Doctors onboarding to Udoc + App further development. Users onboarding to the full version of Udoc. First subs sales, 7 subscriptions.

    June, 2020


Harold Wedbar
Harold Wedbar
"It is really good idea regarding of creating of AI in telemedicine services. Udoc project is very interested from technological side. "