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U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group

U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group

A New Way Forward for Healthcare

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Company Overview

The healthcare system is complex at best and beyond the scope of the average American at the least. Known for having gaping holes regarding efficiency in addition to a myriad of other issues that government has been trying to fix for decades, makes our healthcare system ripe for disruption.

The healthcare system as we know it is not equipped to handle the growing number of patients and is slow to respond to new and emerging diseases and technologies. This must change and USCHAG is the answer.

Putting the power back in the hands of the people, the very people that are paying for healthcare is our mission. We will save healthcare costs, reduce waste and empower the American Consumer so they are able to easily manage all aspects of their healthcare without the red tape that is currently required.

Helping patients navigate healthcare is in the best interests of employers and insurance providers, however, the market is underserved. In-house patient services departments at hospitals are overloaded with case work from patients needing advocacy. Many times, patients don’t know who to call or how to navigate the complex system when they have issues with billing, medication, or even knowing which health provider is the best solution for their individual situation. Healthcare is not a one size fits all solution, and as such, there needs to be an umbrella organization that helps consumers reduce medical costs through effective care choices, while guarding against excessive doctor, hospital and pharmaceutical costs. This solution should be a gateway to insurance and benefit plans and serve as a one stop shop for the individual to manage their care. Welcome to USCHAG.

In partnership with IBM Watson, and Smart Action, USCHAG has developed proprietary systems that will allow deep learning Artificial Intelligence paired with a compassionate human touch, to bring disruptive change to an antiquated, failing system.

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