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Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc.

A world Leader in Pre-combustion Fuel Catalyst Technologies

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Company Overview

Dear Investor:

My name is Richard Ford and I am President and CEO of Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc.

I started my former company by selling friends and family shares at $0.17 per share and I worked hard to get listed on the American Stock Exchange with shares trading at a price of over $21 per share.

My intention is to do the same with Rentar. Join us . . . . .

Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc. has developed a Catalyst which is verified to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by EPA and CARB recognized laboratories.

The Rentar has 33 issued domestic and international patents effective to year 2031. The market potential is 500 million diesel engines world-wide.

Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc. is a A+ Rated Company with the Better Business Bureau.

Purchasers of the Catalyst receive a proven return of the purchase cost in 3 to 12 months from fuel savings.

Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc. is an established Company offering to accredited investors a first position convertible preferred shares at $1.00 per share that pays an annual 5% stock dividend. Minimum investment $5,000.

It is the goal of the company to generate substantial sales and profits preparing for a successful IPO or substantial sale of the company.


Richard Ford, President / CEO

(561) 383-8040 Email:


33 Issued Patents
3,000 Users

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