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Prudential First Education, A.S.

Prudential First Education, A.S.

"Tinder of Recruitment" A simple & scientific approach to hiring suitable educators.

Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

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$335,000 of $750,000

Prudential First Education, A.S. is raising $750,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • We offer 24% annual return on 12-month investment paid at maturity
  • $3,000 avg. school yearly membership fee. 800,000 + schools worldwide
  • $79 avg. subscription fee. 68.8 Million Teachers worldwide & growing.

Elevator Pitch

Tinder of Recruitment - A simple and scientific approach to hiring suitable candidates.


4,500 Users
7 Employees
$300,000 Sales
35% ROI
Cash Flow Positive


Reached $150K in revenues

December, 2016

Estimated $380K in 2017

July, 2017


August, 2017

IBN HALDUN UNIVERSITY placed another order for Instructors

August, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't there a ton of recruitment companies?

Yes, there are broad spectrum recruitment companies. We specialize in educators, school admin, principals, vice principals, curriculum developer, curriculum coordinator. The information available about an educator with us is enough for schools to make an immediate hiring decision. From educational verification to references and criminal checks.

Why should we invest in your company?

The recruitment industry is around $400 Billion. The education sector has been growing at an incredible pace all around the world. The Internet has given a lot to the world and made it more competitive than ever. Just a college degree isn't enough anymore to secure a good job. The more knowledge and skills a person has the better chances of securing a job. The boom in the education sector has left a shortage of qualified teachers. The brain drain has impacted many countries and hence schools are now willing to pay more cash for qualified teachers. We are focused on this sector and by providing qualified educators to schools/Universities/Technical institutions around the world we only notice positive growth.

How can you offer 24% a year return when banks offer around 4-5%?

Academic staffing/recruitment is a niche industry and margins run as high as 46%. We know it is tough to get financing thru the traditional medium when all lending is asset based lending. You're trusting us with your funds and in return, we share a better piece of the pie with you. We require the funds to grow in the shorter amount of time. We're a company with traction, contracts, and many schools/universities in the pipe-line.

Is it possible to invest in a Turkish based company?

It sure is. Our company had been established under the new Turkish Commercial Code which allows a joint stock company to sell equity, to issue convertible notes and to arrange debt financing. We have appointed YYULegal, LTD Investment Advisors who will be responsible for the loan agreement. They will also act as an escrow for funds transfer and documents signed. Turkish laws allow for handling all documents electronically.

Your company is generating revenues so why do you need funds?

Yes, we've been generating revenues since the inception of the business. We're slowly growing and we passed the break-even this year. We need funds to grow quickly and tap into the market by adding a few great employees, upgrading our hardware, and basically have money for marketing. With proper investment, we can achieve in 2-3 years what we would normally achieve in 8-10 years. It is a competitive market out there, you snooze you lose.

Why not pay us interest on monthly or quarterly instead of annually basis?

The purpose of financing is to grow the company in the shortest period of time by signing more contracts, strengthening the online presence by making changes to the website and investing in marketing, getting the APP out soon. All these require funds. Taking cash out on monthly or quarterly basis will cripple the growth.

How do you know that you can survive your competition?

We know that our company has traction. We're doing something right. We need to be known by more Educational institutions and by more job seeking educators. We also know how to get there. Teachers hired through our company come back for next contract. Schools have renewed their contracts with us. Our formula for growth is working. We're scaleable. The market is growing at a tremendous rate.

What is the business model?

1) Currently working with schools/Universities in Turkey for their academic staffing including teachers, foreign teachers, native English speaking teachers, Principals, VP, coordinators. curriculum developer, sports coach, etc. A contract is signed after face to face meeting and we start the recruitment process. We charge a fee equivalent to teacher's salary and double amount for admin staff. 2) We're in the process of shifting the business to our website by offering subscription fee to teachers and a membership access fee for schools and work with clients worldwide. Hence increasing our reach and revenues tremendously. 3) We want to launch an APP currently under development which will put a student in touch with a teacher face to face in real time. It finds teachers within your vicinity and connects both of you for lessons.