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Prudential First Education, A.S.

Prudential First Education, A.S.

"Tinder of Recruitment" A simple & scientific approach to hiring suitable educators.

Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

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Company Overview

As a person who was raised and educated in an English speaking country, I always took the English language for granted. In 2012, on a trip to Turkey I met a recruiter that offered me a job to teach English at a private school. My life changed since then. I taught here for three years, each year completing a contract at different schools. This is when I realized the need for native English speaking teachers all across the globe where English is not their first language.

In August 2015, I set up a joint stock company in Istanbul for the sole purpose of hiring English teacher from various native English speaking countries and offering them contracts with private Turkish schools. We now work with 21 top private schools in Turkey and have regular requests from many countries around the world to find them qualified English and academic teachers.

Growth in business is directly related to the service we can provide to these schools. We require funds to develop various modules on our website that will make any school in the world hire a teacher from anywhere in the world. A teacher from anywhere in the world can find jobs at school they wish to work at.

Teachers should be beyond borders. This no longer an idea. Last year we generated $150K. This year our estimates are around $300K.

Each year 200,000 ESL teachers (English as a second language) are required around the world. Roughly 25,000 schools around the world issue a yearly contract to hire teachers.

More than 1,000,000 teachers go overseas each year to work in various countries. There are 68.9 Million registered teachers working worldwide and close to 875,000 registered educational institutions in the world.

We are adding online recruitment model to our current scope of business with a sign up for teachers and membership access for schools. A subscription fee will be charged to both, teachers and schools.

We're offering a 24% return paid annually on a 12 month promissory note.


4,500 Users
7 Employees
$300,000 Sales
35% ROI
Cash Flow Positive

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Reached $150K in revenues

December, 2016

Estimated $380K in 2017

July, 2017


August, 2017

IBN HALDUN UNIVERSITY placed another order for Instructors

August, 2017


I have greatly appreciated Prudential First's willingness to be available as I've needed them--for answering questions, listening to my priorities in finding the best job, and making arrangements in spite of challenging circumstances. This agency is easy to work with, friendly, and straightforward. Thanks to them, I have a job I'm excited to start in a couple weeks. Highly recommend!
Sarah Cook Dobson English Language Instructor - Kansas, USA
Sarah Cook Dobson
When I applied to Prudential First I was immediately invited to attend a Skype interview in two days’ time. Just before the interview, the HR Manager took some trouble to dissipate my nerves and to put me at ease with some light-hearted exchange, so that by the time I was introduced to the University officials I felt completely up to the task. I was delighted after a quick turnaround of less than one week to be offered a post in charming Istanbul. I am truly excited and so thankful to Prudential First.
Barbara Pearce University English Prep Instructor - London,
Barbara Pearce
This will be my second contract with Prudential First. I worked with them in 2015-2016 school year and they were very helpful not just in securing the contract but also throughout the year. I took a year in China and now returning to Istanbul with a new contract through Prudential First. They are updating me with the progress report of my work permit process and have been very supportive. I recommend them to anyone looking for a job in teaching.
Alex William Kedler - Beijing China English teacher
Alex William Kedler - Beijing China


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He is Now a Ph.D. candidate at Management & Organizations Department, Istanbul University. He has master degree from Operations Research, İşletme Faculty, ... Read More
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Placement Coordinator

Selda works closely with schools to meet their requirements and place educators according to the job description. Read More Unverified