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OnPlace Inc.

OnPlace Inc.

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Company Overview

OnPlace is a FinTech platform that allows you to elicit maximum potential from your investments.

⁃ We introduce closed OTC assets into market turnover and create liquidity for them.

⁃ We open up opportunities for investing into funds of the fastest growing tech companies in the world with low entry thresholds.

⁃ We grant the investor community complete freedom of action based on the principle of total decentralization.

⁃ We ensure the ease of entry and exit from deals and relieve investors of unnecessary red tape.

⁃ We simplify the investment mechanism using blockchain technology and smart tokens.

⁃ We transform shares into tokenized smart contracts. Investments via the PATS protocol are protected by a smart contract and guaranteed shareholder rights.



Tokenization - the process of creating a digital token in accordance with the technology of smart contracts, which is based on a specific underlying asset. Tokenization is the process of transforming the storage and management of an asset, wherein each asset is given a corresponding digital double.

Pitch Deck


  • Seed $700,000

    February, 2017
  • Seed $500,000

    November, 2016
  • Series A $1,100,000

    May, 2017