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Neptune FS Global, Inc,

Neptune FS Global, Inc,

Clean Water, Efficiently

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Company Overview


The water crisis of the 21st century is upon us and as populations increase, enormous pressure is placed on worldwide watersheds. Affordable clean water is becoming a pressing technological issue facing the world and by the year 2025, it's estimated two out of every three people could be living in water-stressed regions and with world demand increasing by 140% or 97.5 million cubic meters of water per day.

Water demands for agriculture and industrial processes will continue to increase while under extreme aggravation from worldwide droughts. It is now estimated that industrial demand will exceed human consumption by 2015 resulting in shortages, tougher continuing Federal regulations and mandates regarding industrially produced water recycling.

Additionally, agricultural requirements are driving regulations and water restrictions. Endangered wildlife is taking precedence over agricultural requirements further stressing the agri-business.Runoff through irrigation is polluting rivers and bays and impacting the quality of the fisheries.

On a consumer level, fresh potable water is becoming a scarce in many areas of the globe.In developed countries, bottled water in all forms and fashion has created a multi-billion-dollar industry with pricing exceeding a gallon of gasoline by as much as four times the national average.

NFSG has created an environmentally friendly and efficient water remediation system, the Fisk Neptune Processor. NFSG develops and commercializes key technologies for water reclamation projects in the oil & gas industry, mining services and industrial pollution.In addition, we are proceeding with patent and licensing applications in agriculture, aquaculture, hydroponics as well as consumer markets.

We are a Nashville based company with fabrication and manufacturing in Tennessee. Our business relationships there will afford us an advantage to get started quickly and decisively. Our corporate office will be in Nashville, Tennessee. Essential to our business, the development of our Intellectual Property Hub (IPH) is based on the notion of developing key patents, licenses and services that provide world class solutions to our target markets.Those include: Water Purification/Desalinization and Environmentally Sound Manufacturing.

NFSG Water Remediation, through our investment fund and partners, acquires, develops and deploys those technologies through a rapid industrialization and commercialization process.

Many inventors and developers of technology in the environmental services arena are often limited by capital constraints, industrialization of their products or simply lack of solid business development skills.NFSG brings these capabilities together while at the same time focusing on solving real environmental problems now.

The company also works on research and development projects in conjunction with its investment partners.


Our financial summary indicates key revenue sources across the platform.Services revenue is based on sales to the oil and gas industry over the planning period and does not reflect new revenue streams expected to come on board as technology is acquired and distributed.These services will be sold across markets and across the platform, further differentiating the offering.


NFSG’s financial plan is based on a services and transaction model generating recurring revenue across the technology portfolio.Further upside opportunities exist within the business to advance sublicense revenue and joint ventures.However, those initiatives have not been included in this financial outlook.

The business will be cash flow positive in the first full year of operations and throughout the planning horizon.


1 Issued Patents
$176,000 Sales
Cash Flow Negative

Pitch Deck


  • Executed contract with Kansas University and the Kansas Water Board for production, testing and publication of Fisk Neptune Processor.

    August, 2019
  • Executed LOI with the CONNECT Water Group and the government of Zimbabwe to provide clean water processing solutions for the country.

    June, 2019
  • Neptune FS Global signs distribution agreement and establishment of R&D center with Mastive Infrastructure Private Ltd. for India.

    June, 2019
  • Neptune FS Global signs Africa and Middle East distribution agreement with Fourthwind Investments.

    June, 2019
  • Patents awarded for the Fisk Neptune Processor

    April, 2019
  • Manufacturing agreement executed with BMC Metalworks LLC in Columbia, TN. Initial material orders placed.

    January, 2019
  • Neptune FS Global announces the development of the mobilized Fisk Neptune Processor for the remediation of polluted water.

    August, 2016