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EM&N8, Controllers Incorporated

EM&N8, Controllers Incorporated

Install in 15minutes & start making money in 16. Limited deal for Highly Scalable & Valuable IP for LED Light Control, IoT, energy & more...

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

EM&N8 offers a unique competitive advantage in the lighting and Internet of Things market. Competing Lighting control company's solutions are complicated to set up and commission. The lighting industry has accepted that a professional is needed for visitation of installation sites and for the commissioning of lighting controls. For all changes and modifications, a paid company representative is required to revisit the site to make changes. Every customer we have provided a Demo wants to purchase our solution as soon as they see it.

Though advances have been made for energy preservation, no user metrics are available to calculate how much energy is being used or saved with new technology. EM&N8 found a solution to these problems with the creation of LightValet. LightValet measures realtime energy usage and reports back for current recordings by day, hour, week, or month. LightValet is easily commissioned with auto discovery to find lights that populate as individual icons on the iOS application for program grouping. PlugValet technology works the same with EM&N8 SmartPlugs.

What Sets Us Apart

Current control products offered in the LED lighting industry are either very simple for hobby use or very complicated to set up, commission, and/or maintain. In addition, no products can calculate & predict energy savings in real time.

Lighting customers have accepted that paid professional are required for installation, commissioning and setting up lighting. For all changes and modifications, a paid company representative will revisit the site to make changes.

Despite advances in energy preservation, no user use metrics are available for calculation of how much energy is being used in real time at the fixture level or saved for predictive metrics with new technology. EM&N8's LightValet solves all of these problems and more.

Lights can be commissioned with auto discovery to find lights that populate as individual icons on the iOS application for program grouping. Best yet, LightValet measures real time energy usage, then reports back for current savings recordings by day, hour, week, or month visually through a wall mounted touch panel.

One of the most exciting advantages of this technology is the open design for expansion use in other market sectors. We welcome partners and other companies who will want to license this technology for their product offerings in the iOT sector.

Our Keys To Success

EM&N8 executives have never lost our roots—nor have we forgotten the recipe that has made our Software products a success worldwide from day one. We have always listened to our customer support feedback, then delivered the best product possible with that feedback in mind. We strive to deliver the best—even if it requires more time spent in development. We are constantly innovating without fear of being a disruptive force in the market, introducing new technology at a better value from a new perspective. Originating over three decades ago as a Mac software company, our products have always had to be capable of more; therefore, our customer's have expected nothing less than perfection from day one. We are rolling this new venture out as it's own entity and inviting Investors to participate and share in the ballistic growth potential.

We are not your ordinary startup Software corporation. We have great traction and over 3 decades of successful market experience. Our opening round was self funded and has a current market value of over $10m+. Our Series "A" round benefits are instant and has tremendous real IP value across many market segments. Upon a successful funding and followup execution Company profitability is projected to be in less than 24months and then phenomenal growth rate and margin after that. Currently we have three lighting distributors/manufacturers waiting for certification & commercialization to begin monthly bundling with their product line.

Investment Perks

EM&N8 executives have worked closely with our Investment bankers to modify and update our investment campaign to immediately reward quality investors for their commitment and investment

and to create increased value.

We have developed some exciting perks for this limited round of Pre Series A financing. Any investor who invests in at least one unit will receive a wireless touchscreen controller and a wireless interface board once commercially shipping which can be installed to control a single light or a15amp string of any desired lights at the Investors choice of location. This will be the ultimate way to show off ownership bragging rights in our state of the art touchscreen wireless technology of the future.

Additionally, Super Investor Perks were created in order to provide instant added value for investors purchasing multiple stock units in this round. We have three different tiers of perks; 1.) Investors who invest a minimum of $100k will receive an additional 7% of company stock; 2.) Investors who invest a minimum of $250k will receive an additional 15% of stock; 3.) Investors who invest a minimum of $500k or more will receive an additional 20% of stock.


  • LED Lighting manufacturers lined up in the UK and USA are ready to integrate LightValet with customers once certification completed

    November, 2014
  • MOU for cross licensing technology with to integrate core sharing technology internally to Lighting controller network.

    December, 2014
  • Development plans in place to create a user configurable local storage cloud as an option to direct connected storage.

    January, 2015
  • Demo at Del Monte foods resulted in immediate order for pilot program toward worldwide company adoption.

    November, 2015
  • Demo Spectrum dimming app at Lux Dynamics for custom dimming of 4 seperate LED channels for indoor food production customization & control

    November, 2015


John McCarty
John McCarty
President - Lux Dynamics (LED Lighting manufa
"Lux Dynamics early on recognized potential which LightValet would provide to the industry and potentially the Lux Dynamics LED product line. Lux while under NDA has had early engineering versions of the LightValet solution installed in various locations of our new $1m high tech manufacturing facility. Once Lux Dynamics can test a UL certified LightValet solution it is the intention to offer this solution to our customer base as an adaptive control option. "
Lee Rafferty
Lee Rafferty
Managing director - Magnussen's Auburn Toyota
"I approved a pilot installation of the LightValet solution for the purpose of determining if we can save money on our remaining monthly energy bill. We started by retrofitting two of our service bays with LED lighting technology incorporating built in LightValet control. Our opinion is LightValet will be an integral part of our future energy savings and we have nothing but positive opinions in the solutions and company which provides it."