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Keep It Halal

Keep It Halal

Sometimes in order to be bring justice, you have to be the outcast.

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

Because we live in a global world where what happens there affects all of us and what happens here affects everyone there . Islam is controlled by a handful of the few who translated the faith into a self-serving agenda consolidating power for themselves at the expense of everyone else. This power perpetuates inequality, injustice and prejudices, all rampant in the Muslim world today. The interpretation and understanding of Islam needs to change and change needs to come from within.

What Sets Us Apart

Our goal is to produce 24 webisodes of Keep It Halal. Each webisode will be produced in digestible 2-5 minute segments and is designed to inspire critical thinking.

Our Keys To Success

To heal differences through knowledge and education.


KeepIt Halal
Weve seen the power of media. We've seen how a hate inspired video made in the U.S. can inflame the Muslim world waiting for an excuse to hate back. With "Keep It Halal", our goal is to defuse the level of distrust and misinformation with education, in simple digestible 2-5 minute segments on subjects such as Womens rights, LGBT rights, the environment, governance and many other social and cultural issues that have corrupted the interpretation of Islam. We wish to inspire understanding and critical thinking in order for us to move peacefully forward for the good of humanity. Our topics will be thoroughly researched and in collaboration with artists and scholars.