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JobnDeal is a single trusted platform for hiring and marketing.

Billerica, Massachusetts, US

technology, publishing, advertising, online marketing, recruitment, recruiting solutions, hiring process , recruitment industry

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$50,000 of $1,500,000
Convertible Note

JobnDeal is raising $1,500,000 with a minimum reservation of $20,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Single platform for hiring and marketing
  • Solid potential to grow over next 5 years
  • Targeting all size businesses in any industry

Elevator Pitch

JobnDeal is a single platform for hiring and marketing. It targets 27.5+ million businesses around USA. JobnDeal mission is to become #1 hiring and marketing platform.


4 Employees


Trademark registered

April, 2016

First phase of development started.

July, 2016

Final product of "first phase thought" launched after multiple beta version released.

August, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does JobnDeal helps businesses?

Businesses faces two major challenges, hiring better employees and advertising their product efficiently. JobnDeal helps them to mitigate these challenges by providing single platform with affordable membership plans.

How does JobnDeal make money?

JobnDeal have multiple membership plans for businesses to sign up. There will be revenue generated through commission from sending traffic to collaborated partner sites. Also JobnDeal will have "Pay per click" revenue in future.

How does Jobndeal differ from other platform?

Jobndeal is only platform which offers marketing and hiring for businesses on single platform. It offers very affordable membership plans for all size businesses. Jobndeal’s main mission is to bring all businesses on platform and become next Facebook. Online marketing and hiring is limited to only big companies, Jobndeal will open door for small businesses to come online and start hiring and marketing at very affordable cost.

What is the timeline for initial ROI and profit sharing?

18-24 Months

What type of shares will Crowdfunding investors receive?

Crowdfunder Investors receive Preferred Shares at a 10% discount following our Series A round of financing.

What Industry JobnDeal will target?

JobnDeal can used by any Industry, So it will cover all 27+ million businesses in the USA.

How will JobnDeal use investement?

We are planning to use investment for more hiring, marketing and second phase of development to provide more features on JobnDeal.

Is JobnDeal ready to grow Internationally?

Yes, JobnDeal is ready to help businesses all over the world.