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International Metals Trading, LLC.

International Metals Trading, LLC.

Transforming the NYC skyline - IMT is participating in some of the largest NYC construction projects worth over $1 billion

Melville, New York, US

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$11,094,000 of $8,000,000

International Metals Trading, LLC. is raising $8,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $16,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Revenue & Net Income Growth of 160% Year over Year
  • $75m backlog of construction contracts for 2017 with a $350m pipeline
  • 3% accrued dividend, 25% Warrant Coverage & redemption rights

Elevator Pitch

In Manhattan the only way to build is up. IMT focuses on the mid & downstream aspects of construction and material supply. IMT is contributing to the transformation of the NYC skyline.


$84,231,369 Sales
57 Employees


IMT has been awarded the contract to both supply and be part of a large scale 460,000 square foot, $200 million dollar Brooklyn project

April, 2017

IMT has booked $75 million in construction contract backlog. IMT currently has a prospect pipeline of over $350 million.

January, 2017

IMT has been awarded the contract to both supply and be part of the construction of Patriots Walk (a $280 million New Jersey town).

January, 2017

160% year over year revenue growth for 2016

December, 2016

167% year over year earnings growth for 2016

December, 2016

Finalist of the prestigus "Rookie of the Year" award at the HIA-LI 22nd Annual Business Achievement Awards

September, 2016

IMT rebar fabrication booked 70,000 tons of contracts in its backlog or approximately $70 million in a little over a year of operations

September, 2016

IMT awarded contract to supply & install 5000 tons of rebar for construction of 1100+ foot residential building in downtown New York City

September, 2016

IMT awarded contract to supply 2000 tons of Rebar for Marriott Marquis Times Square rennovation

June, 2016

IMT awarded contract to supply 5000 tons of rebar & 20,000 couplers for construction of 1000+ foot Supertall, 125 Greenwich Street

May, 2016

IMT enters Rebar Fabrication market and trading operation begins to hedge commodty cost, creating unique advantage over competitors

August, 2015

IMT discovers a unique trading arbitrage between primary & secondary metals markets

May, 2015

IMT enters the fragmented catalytic converter recycling market

January, 2014

IMT produced $52 million revenue with $3.2 million in profit in 2016.

December, 2016

IMT produced $20 million revenue with $1.2 million in profit in 2015.

December, 2015

IMT produced $7 million revenue with $300K in profit in 2014.

December, 2014

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Frequently Asked Questions

What competitive advantages has IMT developed?

IMT's competitive advantage is our ability to hedge commodity prices. We have married the construction material industry with the sophistication of our trading desk. This allows us to operate with more security, in terms of commodity pricing, than almost any other group in the construction industry. This also protects our clients from dramatic price increases in the future.

What are your company's strategies for minimizing contract risks?

The exposures we have are 1) commodity price risk, 2) credit risk with our customers, and 3) supply chain risk. Once again, our ability to hedge commodity prices, the marriage of our sophisticated financial expertise with our construction and manufacturing expertise, protects us from commodity price risk. Since we are fabricating, customizing , and installing which adds value to this material for the job site, we are exposed to the credit risk of our customers. We are protected from this by not only the good credit of our customers, but also by mechanic lien rights & surety bonds of these major projects. Finally, we mitigate supply chain risk by having a multi-prong vendor supply network that is both domestic & international.

How does IMT manage cash flow in long project cycles?

We manage our cash flows by managing our vendor credit along with an asset backed line which allows us to borrow against our receivables. To date, all of our clients more than qualify for this line. We also boast a less than 1% dilution rate.

How does IMT mitigate cyclical dips in demand?

The growth in NYC has been robust. We believe that growth will continue on the private construction side for at least the next five years. That being said, what we have been doing, is building out a strong civil construction team to mitigate any dip in demand. Historically the civil construction side of the business and the private construction side tend to run inversely to one another.

What steps or safety programs does IMT have in place to reduce injuries & promote safety on the job site?

We have a staunch safety program that complies with all OSHA guidelines. The safety of our personnel is of the utmost importance to us. We hold mandatory safety meetings every two weeks. To date, our safety record is exemplary, and we wish and plan to keep it that way.

How does IMT win repeat business?

Everything is about service. Our team boasts 120 years of combined experience servicing and supplying NYC construction. Our entire business revolves around servicing our customers. Not only delivering the agreed upon material and service, but also at the agreed upon time. Delivering to the job site on time is just as important as the quality of our product.

What near-term demand does IMT see for their products & services?

New York City construction activity has exceeded its peak levels of 2008. Estimates are for 3-4 % growth per year for at least the next five years, and the private side of the business appears to be very robust for the foreseeable future. As of December 31, 2016 we have built a $75 million backlog of signed contracts, all to be supplied between now & the end of 2017. We expect over the next six months to increase this backlog by at least 50%. These numbers will grow rapidly for 2018 which will realize the revenues from two large scale projects starting later in 2017.