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International Metals Trading, LLC.

International Metals Trading, LLC.

Transforming the NYC skyline - IMT is participating in some of the largest NYC construction projects worth over $1 billion

Melville, New York, US

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Company Overview

Who we are:

International Metals Trading, LLC, is a multifaceted vertically integrated construction & material supply company for the superstructure & civil construction market in the New York Metropolitan Area. Our customers are some of the largest Developers and Construction companies on the East Coast. We operate businesses engaged in rebar fabrication & installation, concrete construction, construction management and trade desk operations

Rebar Fabrication & Installation - Acquisition, fabrication, resale & installationof steel rebar.

Concrete Construction - Pouring & finishing concrete foundations, footings & structures.

Construction Management - Managing the planning, design, & construction of a project from beginning to end, while controlling time, cost & quality in order for it to be successful.

Trade Desk Operations – Internal industry experts execute the purchase & sale of all materials & manage the various commodity risks using proper hedging techniques and construction contracts for the company.

Our market:

It's a well known fact that New York City is undergoing a building boom in residential, commercial, and civil construction projects. The value of construction starts in New York City skyrocketed in 2016 to $43.1 billion, and industry experts forecast in excess of $220 billion in new construction over the next 5 years.

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What New York could look like in 2020

What NYC Could Look Like in 2020


$84,231,369 Sales
57 Employees

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IMT has been awarded the contract to both supply and be part of a large scale 460,000 square foot, $200 million dollar Brooklyn project

April, 2017

IMT has booked $75 million in construction contract backlog. IMT currently has a prospect pipeline of over $350 million.

January, 2017

IMT has been awarded the contract to both supply and be part of the construction of Patriots Walk (a $280 million New Jersey town).

January, 2017

160% year over year revenue growth for 2016

December, 2016

167% year over year earnings growth for 2016

December, 2016

Finalist of the prestigus "Rookie of the Year" award at the HIA-LI 22nd Annual Business Achievement Awards

September, 2016

IMT rebar fabrication booked 70,000 tons of contracts in its backlog or approximately $70 million in a little over a year of operations

September, 2016

IMT awarded contract to supply & install 5000 tons of rebar for construction of 1100+ foot residential building in downtown New York City

September, 2016

IMT awarded contract to supply 2000 tons of Rebar for Marriott Marquis Times Square rennovation

June, 2016

IMT awarded contract to supply 5000 tons of rebar & 20,000 couplers for construction of 1000+ foot Supertall, 125 Greenwich Street

May, 2016

IMT enters Rebar Fabrication market and trading operation begins to hedge commodty cost, creating unique advantage over competitors

August, 2015

IMT discovers a unique trading arbitrage between primary & secondary metals markets

May, 2015

IMT enters the fragmented catalytic converter recycling market

January, 2014

IMT produced $52 million revenue with $3.2 million in profit in 2016.

December, 2016

IMT produced $20 million revenue with $1.2 million in profit in 2015.

December, 2015

IMT produced $7 million revenue with $300K in profit in 2014.

December, 2014


“IMT has become notorious for getting reinforcing products quicker & more efficiently to the job site than their competition. With a keen awareness of logistics & a unparalleled level of service, IMT is in a class by itself.”
Regal USA Construction
Regal USA Construction
“They’re a pleasure to deal with. They say what they mean & they mean what they say. Projects are delivered on time & they answer the phone!”
Phil Neto Construction
Phil Neto Construction
“Working with IMT has proven to be a big cost – and time – saving decision for my company. Their successful track record, attention to detail & proven reliability solidify them as my partner for all of my construction needs.”
Eagle Contractors
Eagle Contractors

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