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HealthWide Solutions, Inc.

HealthWide Solutions, Inc.

No student should suffer mental illness alone. The Student Happiness System lowers suicide ideation, bullying and school violence.

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Company Overview

HealthWide Solutions is an established healthcare consulting firm founded in 2003. It was founded by Patricia Kloehn, CEO and is a woman owned small business. Patricia Kloehn is a healthcare thought leader and co-author of healthcare whitepapers, books and many contributing articles.

HealthWide Solutions designed SAAS based platforms focused on student emotional health.

Problem: The US spends billions of dollars “reacting” to school violence but the REAL solution must be prevention.

  • React via warning systems, cameras, high tech security, guards and simulations of violence.
  • Counselors are reactive and unclear which students pose an emotional risk; overwhelmed due to lack of prioritization.
  • Most school targeted attacks were planned and shared in advance (80%); most attackers were bullied.
  • More deaths occur from suicide than homicide. suicide rate increased by 56% from 2007 to 2017 for ages 10 to 24.

Solution: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

  • Emphasize emotional awareness weekly uncovering who needs help.
  • Prioritize counselor involvement via want to talk & alert words.
  • Provide confidential messaging available to warn of intended harm to self or others.
  • Connect - lifeline to address suicidal ideation, decrease violence & bullying.