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Earth Accounting

Earth Accounting

Sustainable Shopping Made Easy

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

We believe that together we can save the planet. If we can all consume more sustainably, we can reach a circular economy and reverse environmental and social problems.

Our Keys To Success

  • Sustainability is a growing movement
  • We have the technology to collect and disseminate vast amounts of information
  • Our team is experienced, passionate, and dedicated to this project
  • We have a proven business model
  • We already have an intellectual property strategy in place

What Sets Us Apart

  • Data transparency
  • User participation
  • Complete product life cycle framework
  • An innovative data collection strategy

Data Collection Strategy

ACES - The Alliance for Consumer Empowerment and Sustainability is the first information cooperative. Members of the coop are compensated for the data they provide and membership is open to everyone.

This Wikipedia-like method for collecting data is a new strategy in collecting product oriented data.


ACES will collect data and Earth Accounting will provide that information to consumers. Earth Accounting is an information broker for sustainability information.


Business Model

Affiliate Marketing
  1. We direct users to affiliated retailers
  2. Retailers compensate us

Future Directions

  • Database Subscription
  • Freemium Upsell

Pitch Deck


  • We have received our 9th letter of intent from prospective ACES coop members.

    June, 2015
  • We have received our 6th letter of intent from prospective ACES coop members.

    November, 2014
  • We are reaching out to ecolabel, environmental and government organizations, who can provide the data we'll deliver through Earth Touch.

    October, 2014