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E. S. Modular Systems, LLC

E. S. Modular Systems, LLC

A Disaster Relief Logistics Company

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Company Overview

Statement of Purpose for:

E.S. Modular Systems, LLC (904) 607-4589 (East Coast); (949) 422-1238 (West Coast)

E. S. Modular Systems (ESM) was established to provide FEMA emergency shelter housing and specialty DOD units throughout the United States and abroad under global US Government Treaty's. E.S. Modular Systems and its wholly owned subsidiaries are located at 1301 Wood Hill Place, Jacksonville, Florida, 32256.

E. S. Modular Systems is a Federally Approved contractor/vendor under the SAM government small business set aside program under established NAICS codes for contracts up to $32,700,000 and intends to solidify and become a Limited Source Contractor/Vendor for numerous US Government Agencies. We are finalizing numerous relationships with FEMA, DHS, VA, DOD, DOE.

Prior to the commencement of production ESM will contract with one of multiple U.S. government agencies, including Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, etc. All potential purchaser counter-parties are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government and its AAA rating. Thus, underwriting bad credit reserves are not a consideration for ESM.

ESM has developed its operations under ISO 9000 TQM standards for its Modular and Component Operations. ESM has applied for 5 patents for its proprietary designs and AI technologies for the emergency shelters and other specialty structures.

Community Resilience Artificial Intelligence Program (CRAIP) system:

Through the development and integration of our proprietary AI Software System, our cutting-edge lifesaving, hardwired and cloud-based technologies, will develop a pioneering habitat innovation program that brings the human element into real time with our proprietary patent pending shelter providing valuable data in managing disaster relief settings within our Community Resilience Programs.

Encrypted medical data is generated and provided to medical technicians and selected first responders who are endeavoring to protect the health and well-being of disaster victims.

E. S. Modular Systems seeking two federal grants within the NIST/SBIR Program. These programs are congressionally mandated to provide grant funding to companies up to $1.5 million dollars to develop cutting edge technology programs that can assist Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR). We are currently going through this process.

The diversity of emergency shelter modular styles, marketing strategy, and management vision will allow rapid market penetration and sustained market growth. ESM, through management (TQM) and other high tech manufacturing processes will establish ESM as the leader in manufactured ISO 9000 Intermodal Cargo Container Emergency Shelter type units.

We are engaged with a design and engineering firm for the development of the manufacturing facility.

Through its Strategic Partners (ie) Crowley Maritime Logistics, Hughes/Net Satellite, Volta Power Systems and others being vetted we will have all US needs identified as well as positioned for disaster global outreach. It is our intent to use Military and other government resources where practical.

ESM will be able to supply its shelters/specialty units with exceptional JIT efficiencies from a preapproved Strategic Source engagement. This expedience is solely due to the utilization of state of the art manufacturing processes that reduce waste and labor deficiencies generally associated with conventional building methods. Our high production output from our manufacturing facilities along with our exceptional strategic logistics partners places ESM at the forefront of providing our first responders with all the necessary command centers, special purpose structures as well as the required emergency shelters for disaster victims.

Our labor force will be seasoned members, however E.S. Modular will place strong emphasis on hiring military veterans including disabled. We will also create a Vo-Technical accredited training program targeted at the different trades needed in this Modular Building environment. ESM current management has over 46 years experience in the design, development of Modular and Component manufacturing. All key management through operations have been identified and are ready to commit to joining the ESM team upon receiving the necessary capital infusion.

E.S. Modular Systems has qualified to receive numerous Federal Grants through a program identified as NIST/SBIR Program. Each government agency ESM is in contact qualifies under this program whereby ESM can receive numerous grant funding specific to that agency. These funds that are awarded to ESM come as a non recourse grant that does not need repaid.

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